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My name is Stacy Chapman and I am the sister of Patrick Cody Morgan.  You can read more about what happened to him and the Dis-honorable judge Lynn Nettleton Hughes at:  It's still unbelievable that things like this happen right here in our country, but my brother has seen so much in the 9 months that they have detained him at the "human-trafficking" facility, Joe Corley Detention Center.  We now know how these facilities work, in addition to the judges in court, prosecutors, etc...  It's ALL about the money!!  They get paid - per prisoner - per day.  They have people in there that you wouldn't believe the Ridiculous claims they have them on. 

Here is a Houston businessman, father of two, who crossed paths with people because he helped a gentleman fight and get a judgement for over $1B and many "higher ups" in govt. and business were going to be exposed - so they came after him and made up lie after lie.  He won his 3 cases AND got judgements against them, but, then they KNEW they could not come after him lawfully, so they RAILROADED him and it's ALL in the article - then they railroaded his trial - NO signed Indictment, judge committed 3 felonies and prosecutors 5 felonies,and my brother has ALL the paperwork proving it, but WHO do you go to to hold their feet to the fire???????

They actually presented him with paperwork, which I have a copy, telling him they would drop ALL charges, but ONE, IF he would just plead guilty to that AND to promise NOT to sue them!  He said, "Why would I plead guilty to anything when I'm not guilty of ANYTHING and YES, I'm going to sue you when I get out!!!"

I encourage you to read the entire article - it will open your eyes as to what's going on all around the country - it's sickening and not being reported - as of yet. 

I don't know if the sheriff's in and around Houston, Tx can go to his sentencing at 1:30PM, Monday February 25th at 515 Rusk, Houston, Tx. 77002, courtroom 11C, but I ask you to post this link to EVERYONE you know, so they can follow this.

IF the sheriff really has more authority than the president, then I only ask that one show up, and be strong enough and not part of the "good 'ole boy" club that they will, truly go after a "rogue" judge.  To sentence an 'INNOCENT' man to a minimum of 75 years in prison for something he has NOT done is a HUGE injustice.

I know I'm rambling - I will NOT stop badgering EVERYONE and EVERY organization I know of until my brother has some fair JUSTICE - is that gone???  I hope not, for the citizens in this country's sake.


Stacy Chapman


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