Most of the problems in the world today can be traced back most men are motivated by the love of money. They are driven by a desire to accumulate as much as they can, but are never satisfied. Instead of loving people, they love the things that money can buy.

True happiness comes from what we give rather than on what we possess. A man with lots of money and no friends is more bankrupt than a man who is penniless. 

Those who use people to acquire wealth, power and prestige violate the principles that it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

Virtually every war and conflict between men and nations is caused by the unrighteous desire compete rather than cooperate. This fatal flaw in man;s DNA makes the world a battleground rather than heaven on earth.

The Bible admonishes us to love our neighbor until we do we will continue to suffer the consequences that come from the lust for wealth and power.

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