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> traditional bowhuntingThe premier traditional archery and
> bowhunting magazine. Over 110 issues published since 1989.
> Hunting stories, how-to's, bowyer profiles, plus all the
> advertisers in the traditional market. Print and digital
> subscriptions available. archery forum archery hunting
> archery magazine archery magazines bow and arrows bowhunt
> bowhunter bowhunter magazine bowhunting bowhunting magazines
> longbow longbow archery primitive archery recurve recurve
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> The following support request has been submitted:
> Name:     Thomas Gilbert Cole Chaplain Tom
> Email:
> Phone:     1-(814)-787-4034

> Note: The Original Old Timer turned 73 years of age.
> Attended the Eastern Traditional And Primitive Archery
> Rendezvous, and The Pennsylvania
> Bowhunters Festival(2009), and still hunts with a Longbow!
> -I proudly practice Freedom of: Religion, Speech, Press, the
> Right to Bear
> Arms(Bow and Arrows are Arms); which cannot be questioned
> Thank You : “Chaplain of Chaplains” meaning a
> servant of servants!!!!!!! This
> information is not for self glorification, nor monetary
> gain-it for the
> promotion of Traditional Archery, and the Redeemer of {ALL}
> mankind! OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST Updated December
> 31, 2009/January 1, 2010 The Chaplain’s Corner: AUGUST
> Chaplain Tom Cole-Bowyer(Old Timer Longbow) Founder
> Pennsylvania Longbow Association, Co Founder Pennsylvania
> Traditional Archery Association(life
> member/chaplain/Dr. Mark Shaffer ceo )-Founder Eastern
> Traditional and Primitive Archery Rendezvous Denton Hill,
> Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania
> Longbow Hall Of Fame. Feel free to copy
> According to Rev. John Schulz American Longbow Bowyer a
> close friend: made the remark"JOHNNY COME LATELY" to
> Traditional Archery, believe this comment was made in the
> middle 1970's
> Tom Cole
> 115 Madison Street
> Byrnedale, PA 15827
> (814)-787-4034
> Tom Cole, Master Bowyer(longbow), Bowhunter(Traditional with
> wood arrows), knife maker, leather worker etc., and foremost
> promoter of Traditional Archery for these many years. In
> addition to handcrafting the Old Timer
> Longbow, wooden arrows, quivers, arm and finger guards, he
> is also a successful
> Big and Small game hunter with his longbow and wood arrows.
> Tom Cole was ordained into the Christian Ministry in 1989,
> and received his
> Perpetual Ordination in 1994. Archbishop(Col) Of/For/To
> Chaplains-House of Bishops: The Black Robed Regiments. He is
> the founder of the Pennsylvania Chaplain’s Corps. He has
> and is very active in
> “Religious Journalism” the Chaplain’s Corner.
> He also has written and writes for magazines, newspapers,
> periodicals
> and Gospel Tracts. He has lectured on,
> and demonstrated Traditional Archery at the Pennsylvania
> Bowhunters Festival,
> Rendezvous, Schools, and Churches. For
> many years he hosted the Chaplain’s Hour, Voices from the
> Past, Steps into the
> Future for Republic and Genesis radios.
> He still conduct Christian Biblical services at the Lord's
> Church, and Silver Creek. {He is pleased to have been
> instrumental in
> the initial founding and promoting of the “Worlds
> Largest”; the Eastern
> Traditional and Primitive Archery Rendezvous, shortened to
> Eastern Traditional Primitive
> Archery Rendezvous, and abbreviated ETAR, at Denton Hill
> State Park, Potter
> Country, Pennsylvania six thousand for 2008.
> { He founded and served as chaplain of the Pennsylvania
> Longbow
> Association while passing out flyers for the first
> Eastern Traditional and Primitive Archery Rendezvous request
> to join the PLA, which
> was mentioned on the flyers}, is the co-founder, life
> member, and chaplain of the
> Pennsylvania Traditional Archery Association.
> He has had, or has membership in the American Legion(Life
> Member), North
> American Hunting Club(Life Member), Howard Hill’s
> Longbowmen, Loyalsock
> Longbowmen, National Bare Bow Association, National Field
> Archery Association,
> National Archery Association, National Rifle Association,
> Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania (chaplain-emeritus),
> American Bowhunters Committee, State Committeeman,
> Society of Traditional Bowman, United
> Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Federation of
> Sportsmen’s Clubs, Pennsylvania
> State Archery Association(Bowhunter), American Bow hunters
> Committee, Kentucky Bowhunters Association, Pennsylvania
> Bowhunters Society,{Christian
> Bowhunters charter member} Maryland Bowhunters
> Society(honorary life member),
> Tradition Bowhunters of Maryland, Woodsmen of Washington,
> Chaplain
> Pennsylvania Citizens Militia, The Black Robed Regiment, The
> New Black Robed
> Regiment, Black Robed Regiments, Sheriff Brigades{{last but
> not least charter member of Christian Bowhunters of
> America}}. He still actively enjoys teaching others and
> building traditional archery equipment, knife-making, and of
> course
> Bowhunting(By himself November 27, 2010). However he puts
> all of his
> many archery and related skills to:
> WILL LAST”: “For to me to live is
> Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians
> 1 : 21. All titles are for servitude, as
> a minister of Christ Jesus is to be a bond slave-all
> ministries,
> demonstrations, clinics and seminars are free of charge.
> “Chaplain Of
> Chaplains(Servant Of Servants”!!!!!!!
> Today Pastor/Evangelist/Bowhunter Chaplain Tom Cole pastors
> the Byrnedale Union Bible church, weddings a funerals
> {conducts services at nursing homes, hospitals, extended
> care units}, He is currently active, and is available for
> seminars,
> clinics, demonstrations, and church services at Archery
> Rendezvous, and
> Bowhunter Festivals. We must put Almighty
> God, His only begotten Son, His preserved word, the Holy
> Bible first and
> foremost in all things(everything without exception), and
> rely totally on the
> heavenly directing and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. T.M.
> Half a Century and Then Some Behind The Longbow! (BOW IN
> STRINGS: When it comes to making traditional or primitive
> bows and arrows, and
> related equipment, and/or enjoying every aspect of this
> ancient sport, “THERE
> OLD PATHS….” Jeremiah 6 : 16.
> This preacher has been on the Traditional Archery scene for
> well over fifty years. At the present time he is a minister
> of the saving Gospel, of our Precious Lord and Saviour Jesus
> Christ: I have believed with my whole heart, soul,
> and very being, in the Virgin Birth, Sinless Life,
> Death/Burial/Resurrection,
> and through faith repented by remorsefully confessing and
> turning from my sins,
> by calling on the Name of Jesus Christ, trusting entirely in
> His Shed Blood for
> the Remission of my SINS, and Eternal Life! His Spirit has
> witnessed to my
> spirit that I am His Child(The Baptizm of the Holy Ghost),
> in obedience
> baptized in water, lived a Holy/Consecrated life, and have
> received the
> “Filling of the Spirit". Why, you may ask?
> Because there is no other way, no other name whereby we must
> be saved;
> whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be
> saved!!!!
> “ In whom we have redemption through his blood, the
> forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his
> grace;” Ephesians 1: 7. “But God, who is
> rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us,
> Even when we were dead
> in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace
> ye are saved;) And hath
> raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly
> places in Christ
> Jesus: That in ages to come he might
> shew the exceeding riches of his grace(unmerited favor) in
> his kindness toward
> us through Christ Jesus. FOR BY GRACE
> BOAST. For we are his workmanship,
> created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath
> before ordained that we
> should walk in them.” Ephesians 2 :
> 4-10. We are not saved by good works, we
> do not stay saved by good works, but we do good works
> because we are saved and
> born again!!!! The Most High, Holy, and
> Righteous Almighty God(The Father, The Son, and The Holy
> Ghost), and His
> preserved word, the Holy Bible must be first and foremost in
> our hearts and
> minds; for only what is done for Almighty God will last
> throughout eternity; in
> the New Heaven and New Earth!!!!!! If
> this is anyway offensive, I beg; no I beseech you to examine
> yourself, to
> insure that you are in the Faith once delivered unto the
> saints-if you have
> saved by Grace, now is the time.
> This preacher/archer became fascinated with the bow arrow;
> and primitive hunting/camping at a very young age; even
> though I am now officially an Old Timer -I am still
> interested. “And God was with the lad; and he grew, and
> dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer.”
> Genesis 21 : 20. Many years ago
> when I was a young person, we made our own bows and arrows,
> a piece of string
> tied to a limber stick, bulbous reeds tucked in our belt,
> and we were
> ready. When we played Cowboys and
> Indians, you guessed it, I always was the Indian. We had
> some real heroes(archery) to model our
> lives after. There was Ben Pearson(a
> deacon ‘who never missed a service”) who’s Archery
> equipment and instruction
> manuals could be found in most hardware stores, and sports
> shops. Then we have my childhood Super Hero the King
> of Archers-The Worlds Foremost Bowhunter, who’s films and
> books romanticized
> Archery and Bowhunting the world famous Howard Hill; who
> ended His career as a
> Born again Saved by Grace Sunday School teacher!
> My personal Archery and Bow Hunting career was inspired by a
> most wonderful group of gentlemen archers, bowhunters,
> bowyers, trick shoots, spearman, and sports writers. Maurice
> and Will Thompson(started bowhunting
> and archery associations after the War Between The States),
> Art Young and
> Saxton Pope(Pope and Young Awards), Howard Hill(Hunting the
> Hard Way), Ben
> Pearson(Archery Manufacturer), Earl Ullrich(Roseburg, Oregon
> -Yew Wood bow,
> Longbow and Recurve-business partner), Fred Bear(Two Season
> Hunter “If your not
> helping to save hunting, your helping to destroy
> hunting”), Marvin Almon(American
> Bowhunter Committee), Bob Swineheart(Africa’s Big Five
> with the Longbow-In Africa),
> John Schulz(bowyer and ordained minister), Ted Ekin(Howard
> Hill Archery-close
> friend and practicing believer in Christ Jesus), Tom
> Jennings(Ultra Bow
> Recurve), Homer(Dutch) Wambold(Bowhunting for Deer), Fred
> Anderson(dear
> friend-The Traditional Way), Bill Bagwell(Knife Maker and
> Editor-The Longbow),
> T. J. Conrads(Traditional Bowhunter Magazine), Keith
> Schuyler(Pennsylvania Game
> News), Stacy Groscup(Trick Shot and a preacher), Shasha
> Ziemel(El
> Tigrero-Longbow and Spear), Glen St. Charles(bowyer), Joe
> St.
> Charles(Traditionalist-customer), Dr. Mark Shaffer(Dyed In
> Wool Traditionalist,
> personal friend and staunch supporter-ceo PENNSYLVANIA
> friend, hunting
> companion Longbowman), Don Clemmer(Straight Arrow-founder of
> the Unified
> Sportsmen of Pennsylvania, PENNSYLVANIA WOODS AND WATERS),
> Jack Brobst(Turkey Hunter), Kiko Tovar(Bowhunter),
> Bill Feese(Pennsylvania Bowhunters Festival-started me in
> Demonstrations and
> Instinctive shooting clinics), Deno Fargas(Allentown
> Sportsmen Show-Archery),Mike
> Fedora(Bowyer-Friend-Brother In the Lord), (( Mike Knefley))
> Potter County
> Bowhunters Festival who allowed us to set up the Eastern
> Traditional Archery
> Rendezvous-I was ordained in 1989-and Mike asked me to
> preach starting my
> public ministry), Jim Sherwood(Close friend and Longbowman),
> Jim Ambrose(Longbowman),
> and Leonard Scarborough(Howard Hill’s Longbowmen); and
> many, many others
> friends, neighbors, hunting companions, and associates!!!!!
> I take humble pleasure in recalling and reflecting on the
> highlights of my life long involvement in Traditional
> CHRIST. The Old Timer Longbow in the
> hands of this original “Old Timer” who through the Grace
> of Almighty God was
> able to bag the North American “Big Three” Bear, Deer,
> Turkey- most small game; and Wild Boar. To have converted
> a great many to Traditional Archery. Having
> Instructed many others in the Bowyers craft; handcrafting
> longbows, arrows and related
> equipment. Especially blessed in having
> been instrumental in setting up others in Traditional
> Archery Business’,
> shoots, rendezvous, festivals, way back when it was
> extremely unpopular. To have been in the forefront of
> keeping the
> “Flame of Traditional Archery Alive”! Very
> special thanks to Tom Keller(Editor of Woods and Waters) for
> encouraging me to
> write “Religious Sports”. I wish to
> extend much credit to Bill Feese(Pennsylvania Bowhunter’s
> Festival) who started
> me down the very rewarding trail of Archery seminars,
> clinics, and
> shooting demonstrations. Mike Knefley(Potter County
> Bowhunters
> Festival) who started me in the Public Ministry by asking me
> to hold church
> services at the Festival, and “Our Shoot” the Eastern
> Traditional and Primitive
> Archery Rendezvous(since shortened), which has become the
> Largest such shoot in
> the World-I am in humble awe that through the Mercy and
> Grace of Almighty God
> Which Art In Heaven- that He has allowed me to be
> instrumental in setting up
> this long running, and very popular Traditional Archery
> Shoot. And, also for the founding of the
> Pennsylvania Longbow Association which is an off-shoot of
> ETAR. The humbling privilege of serving as the
> founder/chaplain of this organization the Pennsylvania
> Longbow Association(PLA). Serving as chaplain of the
> Pennsylvania Traditional
> Archery Association(Chaplain/Life Member).
> In addition I wish to thank those individuals that were
> especially instrument in my Spiritual Growth(only what is
> done for Jesus Christ will last), my childhood hero Howard
> Hill, a born again,
> saved by grace Bible believing Christian.
> John Schulz(Hitting Em like Howard Hill), bowyer and
> Ordained Minister
> for sharing his faith with me. Reverend
> Doctor Stacey Groscup a minister of whom I have had the
> honor and privilege of
> sharing church serves with in quite a number of places. Ben
> Pearson, a Christian gentleman and a
> deacon who “never missed a service while at home.” Mike
> Fedora a bowyer and a great witness for
> our most Precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the
> “church in his
> house.” Art Young his Christian ministry
> especially to the youth of his day. Ted
> Ekin a dear brother in the Lord, and a true Christian
> businessman, Jim Sherwood
> a close friend.
> Here is the “UPSHOT” this Old Timer is a “Backmountain
> Preacher”, a minister of the true Gospel of Our Lord and
> Saviour Jesus Christ, as such I have had the humbling
> privilege of presenting the
> message of Salvation of the Redeemer of mankind at
> festivals, sports shows,
> expo’s, schools, and churches. Of course my Fervent Prayer
> is that I am still
> able to do so!!!!!(answered survived cancer, and heart
> surgery-recovered much memory)
> I take much pleasure in hunting with my Longbow, wood arrows
> and back quiver. As a Master Bowyer(Old Timer
> Longbow-emeritus), is now a hobby of which I
> extremely enjoy. I also pray that I can
> devote much time to Virtue(Moral Excellence), Liberty(true
> freedom through Jesus Christ), and Independence(separated
> from a Wicked World); without which our right to hunt, and
> to shoot are in
> immediate peril. We must return Almighty God to all our
> sporting
> endeavors! We must therefore without
> fail return to the Old Paths the tried and true way:
> “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the
> truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by
> me.” John 14 : 6.
> This preacher still has Bow in hand, Bible in pocket. In
> 2006 Memorial
> Service for Stacy Groscup 50th
> celebration of the Pennsylvania Bowhunters Festival. Seminar
> and church services 2007 Pennsylvania
> Bowhunters Festival. Still active in The Year Of Our Lord
> 2010!!!!!!!
> “See you down
> the trail”!!!!!!!
> Note: This Traditional Bowhunter/Preacher has never
> experienced such animosity to the Gospel of Our Lord and
> Saviour Jesus Christ; and the truth of Traditional Archery.
> Sadly this Archer/Patriot/Preach has been banned, dropped,
> excluded, and ingnored from most all Traditional
> Archery Endeavors???!!! Such as Leather Wall, Pennsylvania
> Bowhunting
> Forum, Books, Magazines, Churches, Chaplaincies, Sports,
> Patriotic,
> etc.---this preacher {GRANDFATHERS ALL}-please pray.
> Longbowman Archer/Patriot/Preacher- The Year Of Our Lord,
>     LONGBOW SHOOTERS “Chaplain of Chaplains”
> Old Timer TOM COLE
>     As with many of my fellow longbow shooters. I,
> too, became enthused over archery after seeing, at the age
> of ten (much earlier if stick and
>     strings are considered), a movie short by
> Howard Hill. Soon afterwards,
>     with my grandfather’s help, I constructed my
> first longbow out of
>     hickory. Being from north-eastern
> Pennsylvania, and living practically
>     in the woods, I often hunted such small game
> as chipmunks, blue jays
>     and rabbits. My enthusiasm lasted until about
> the age of thirteen, when
>     I turned to another sport, football. I then
> enlisted in the United
>     States Air Force. After serving a stint in the
> Philippines I returned
>     to the States, and was stationed in the
> Pacific Northwest in Washington
>     State. Howard Hill awakened my dormant
> interest in archery-I was shown,
>     what was to me a very strange bow with
> recurved ends. After my
>     discharge in the early 60’s, I became
> interested in tournament archery.
>     Although a successful target archer, I was a
> miserable failure as a
>     bowhunter. Year after year I missed in the
> woods. Since hunting with
>     the bow and arrow was and is my first love,
> something had to be done.
>     One day while browsing through a sport shop I
> happened upon an old
>     longbow (lemon wood, I believe) backed with
> fiberglass. The Longbow
>     weighed 65# at my draw, and cost a whopping
> $9.00. I bought the longbow
>     as curiosity Item. As soon as I got home
> eagerly went out to shoot it.
>     What a thrill – my first shot was a bulls
> eye. I quickly found that I
>     could shoot from many angles and positions
> with good results. Sometime
>     later, I was leafing through an archery
> magazine where I read an
>     advertisement for a Howard Hill longbow. I
> promptly ordered one.
>     Happily my Howard Hill longbow arrived just in
> time to get in some
>     practice before hunting season. I shot my
> first deer on the run at 65
>     yards. During that same year I collected 8
> rabbits, and 2 pheasants
>     (one on the wing). By now you could not talk
> me into even stringing a
>     recurve. Like, many longbow lovers one bow
> “just ain’t enough.” I read
>     an article in the Pennsylvania Game News about
> a Howard Hill protégé by
>     the name of Ben (Red) Stuart of Camp Hill,
> Pennsylvania. He had been
>     taught to shoot by Howard Hill and his bow was
> personally made by him.
>     Red is an excellent bowhunter himself, having
> wild boar, bear, deer,
>     and numerous small to his credit(I do not
> believe anyone has ever
>     topped his record of ground hogs in one year),
> all shot with a Longbow.
>     When I wrote to him, he invited me to come to
> his home, where has shop
>     behind his house. He showed me a longbow that
> he had just finished. It
>     was a laminated yew and fiberglass bow that
> had been glued up by a real
>     old timer, Earl Ullrich, from Oregon. I also
> wrote to Mr. Ullrich and
>     ordered a longbow blank, which I finished.
> This was the beginning of a
>     long association and friendship with Earl, who
> has in the past supplied
>     such archery greats as Saxton Pope, Art Young,
> Chief Compton, J.D.
>     Easton, and others. Through the years I’ve
> finished many longbows
>     blanks for myself and close friends. Building
> long bows and making
>     arrows became a hobby almost as exciting as
> hunting-A few years ago Ted
>     Ekin, whom I had corresponded over the years
> and who knew about my
>     hobby and love of the longbow planted a seed.
> In 1976 Ted wrote and
>     asked me if I would build the Howard Hill
> longbow for him. I was
>     honored but at the time I wasn’t set up or
> sufficiently knowledgeable.
>     Over the next couple of years, friends kept
> hounding me to make
>     longbows. I read volumes of material on bow
> making, watched a few
>     bowyers make bows and asked many questions. My
> hobby started to take
>     the form of a business. In late 1977 I decided
> to make the longbow from
>     scratch, patterning my longbows after longbows
> made by such old time
>     greats as Saxton Pope, Art Young, and Howard
> Hill. A full time hobby
>     became a part time business, the Old Timer
> Longbow Company. One
>     important point a longbow customer must
> consider when purchasing a
>     longbow from a bowyer is that each bow is an
> individual work of art.
>     The bowyer is working with core material that
> make extremely difficult
>     to predict the final bow weight. Many
> laminations might have to be
>     glued up together to arrive at the desired bow
> weight. The customer
>     should order with the virtue of patience in
> mind. Like any quality
>     work, a good longbow that is made to last a
> lifetime cannot be hurried.
>     The longbow must be individually constructed
> by bowyer. A good longbow
>     cannot be mass produced. The cast of the
> longbow is predicated on the
>     core material used. It is best that the core
> material be air dried up
>     to two or three years, preferably longer. I
> feel that the
>     worst core material to use in a longbow is
> hard rock maple with its
>     poor quality was the major cause that brought
> about the advent of
>     compound “bow”. Following, are some of the
> best core materials that can
>     be used in the construction of the longbow in
> order of smoothness and
>     cast: yew, split bamboo (properly heat
> treated), osage orange, walnut,
>     hickory, and red fir (Tennessee). The handle
> section can be made of
>     about any good air dried hardwood such as
> maple, bulbinga, rose wood,
>     walnut, hickory ,etc. Hickory is probably the
> best handle material,
>     having sufficient “give” The only drawback
> to a hickory handle is that
>     is a rather drab looking woo, but as Howard
> Hill used say: “My
>     equipment isn’t pretty but it gets the job
> done.”{Picture TOM COLE
>     handcrafting a hefty “OLD TIMER” Longbow}
> I feel that a good longbow
>     should be done completely by hand. The gluing
> should be done with truck
>     tire inner-tubes rubber strips to give good
> glue lines and even
>     pressure throughout the limbs. The only
> machine I use is a band saw to
>     rough-cut it to shape. All other work is done
> with files and sandpaper.
>     A good finish of spar varnish is not as pretty
> as some of the epoxies
>     or plastic finishes used, but does not crack
> or ware out with hard use.
>     I, like many of my customers, prefer
> “heavyweight bows” which pull 70
>     through 100 pounds. Most longbowmen prefer a
> longbow weight between 65#
>     through 100, with a few going up and over
> 100#(please do not over bow
>     your self). The reason I prefer a heavy weight
> longbow is that I have
>     found that it is almost impossible to affect a
> bad release, and it gets
>     me out of the habit of holding, I must, out of
> necessity shoot fast.
>     The longbow has superior ability to cast a
> heavy arrow faster, giving
>     greater Penetration. In shooting the longbow,
> I have discovered that it
>     can be shot accurately from almost any
> position or angle, such as lying
>     down, backwards, upside down, etc., a must
> under hunting conditions.
>     (We used to hunt by stalking our game,
> although we did use tree
>     stands-which were not our priority in
> hunting). No other bow can
>     perform like a longbow! The longbow is the
> best bow to use on moving
>     targets and fast moving game. I have shot
> rabbits on the run, peasants
>     in flight, and running deer with the longbow.
> I have shot completely
>     through deer from stem to stern, and downed a
> wild boar placing an
>     arrow 3 ½ inches into his brain, dropping him
> on the spot. I, have too,
>     am thoroughly convinced that the longbow gets
> job done better than any
>     other type of bow. In 1967 I moved to my
> “adopted home town” Pottstown,
>     Pennsylvania; the home town of the foremost
> “living” the only archer to
>     get the big five in Africa-longbowman Bob
> Swinehart. Another little
>     known bit of history made I n Pottstown some
> years ago was that Howard
>     Hill’s favorite longbow of 23 years, Gra-ma,
> was broken there during an
>     exhibition show. With the exceptions of Howard
> Hill and Bob Swinehart,
>     the greatest inspiration to me in the field of
> bowhunting was Sasha
>     Siemel, author, longbow hunter, and Tigrero.
> Shasha Siemel is mentioned
>     in Swinehart’s book Sagittarius-pages 30 and
> 31j, with a photograph of
>     him and Bob on page 31. Although Sasha was
> primarily known as “El
>     Tigrero,” for his killing of Jaguar with a
> spear in Brazil, where he
>     spent 35 years either shooting them with an
> osage orange longbow(a take
>     down bow of his own design) made by Ben
> Pearson in the 1920’s, drawing
>     a respectable weight of 80#, or impaling them
> on a spear if and when
>     they attacked. I spent many long enjoyable
> hours talking about the lore
>     of the longbow and hunting. Sasha, at the age
> of 79, was contemplating
>     one more trip to Brazil to hunt “El
> Tirgre” with the longbow, and
>     spear; and he had invited me to accompany him.
> After much practice with
>     the spear and sharpening my skill with the
> longbow. It was a great
>     disappointment, and personal tragedy when he
> died at the age of 80 in
>     February of 1970. In the near future I plan to
> expand my business,
>     hopefully taking Ben Stuart as my partner,
> after all he is the protégé
>     of Howard Hill. I have cut a large stock of
> hickory and osage orange
>     core material; enough to make many bows. I
> plan to train my sons in the
>     art of longbow making if the so desire, and
> upon retiring from my
>     present , my part-time will become full time.
> Because of the advent of
>     the compound “bow”, and the additions to
> the recurve such as sights,
>     levels, clickers kisser buttons, stabilizers,
> and on and on. I see a
>     turning back to the true path, a quest for
> originality, a return to the
>     longbow. The longbow is making a comeback, the
> lover affair with it is
>     growing and archery will once again be the
> sport of the rugged
>     individual. {Picture Frank Cole, Bill Woomer,
> Tom Cole, Ben Stuart)
> FOR HUNTING: 1.The longbow under adverse hunting conditions
> allows for mistakes that would result
>     in a complete miss with a recurve bow, or a
> “cable pulley contraption.
>     2.The longbow requires a less exacting hold
> and loose to get the
>     necessary accuracy while hunting. 3.The
> longbows length means less
>     error in the trajectory of the arrow. 4.The
> longbow has 75 percent of
>     its strength in the core, and only 25 percent
> in the glass backing and
>     facing (making it durable-longbow produced by
> this Old Timer have
>     lasted well over 30 years), This is just
> opposite from the recurve bow
>     that has a hardwood core of kiln dried maple,
> nearly all the strength
>     is in the glass (the more susceptible to
> breakage) 5.Longbows of yew
>     wood core means superior cast and
> dependability. 6.Longbows are a must
>     for the “all around” bowhunter. 7.Longbows
> are made for all day hunting
>     In the Nineteen-Eighties this Old Timer was
> involved in Longbow
>     building. Presenting traditional archery
> demonstrations, instinctive
>     shooting seminars, and clinics. While working
> a full time job at the
>     State Correctional Institute Graterford,
> Pennsylvania. The Lord had
>     blessed me with a good mind, and physical
> strength. I was able to
>     accomplish much in the promotion of
> traditional archery. These were
>     very exciting times!!! I retired from my State
> employment on the Ninth
>     of April 1989, at Fifty years of age. I had
> been ordained into the
>     Christian Ministry. When called by Mike
> Kneflly to hold a instinctive
>     shooting seminar and demonstration. I told
> him: “I was unable to attend
>     as I had duties on the Lord’s Day-Mike
> started the preacher in the
>     public ministry, by scheduling me to have
> church services at the Potter
>     County Bow Festival. These
> demonstrations-clinics-seminars-and church
>     services were free of charge, and still are.
> At this Festival I asked
>     Mike if it would be possible to have the
> Eastern Tradition Archery
>     Rendezvous at Denton Hill State Park; he
> agreed. The initial flyers
>     were printed and sent out at my own
> expense-Mike made a remark
>     something like this-everywhere I go they have
> heard of the shoot. I had
>     been very impressed by the Michigan Longbow
> Association, because they
>     had people coming from New England States. I
> personally felt this was
>     the time to start a Rendezvous in Pennsylvania
> I already asked the
>     Pennsylvania Bowhunters Festival in
> Forksville, Pennsylvania; because
>     that Festival was run by volunteers, and
> proceeds went to the county:
>     sadly I was turned down. We were at the
> Allentown Pennsylvania
>     Sportsmen’s Show handing out flyers, while
> operating the Archery Range.
>     I had personally made up the Pennsylvania
> Longbow Association, and
>     placed the Association on our Eastern
> Traditional and Primitive Archery
>     Rendezvous. During this Sports show many
> expressed their desire to join
>     the Pennsylvania Longbow Association. We, had
> to form the Association;
>     which was done. In these exciting years this
> Old Timer was being
>     blessed, especially in presenting the Word of
> Almighty God(The Father,
>     The Son, and The Holy Ghost), Which Art In
> Heaven. Church services at a
>     good number of traditional and other shoots ,
> became the focal point in
>     this minister’s life. “Arrow of the
> Lord” ministries. All was not good
>     excitement. The newly formed Pennsylvania
> Longbow Association
>     experienced a split. Mike Knefly called me and
> asked me if we were
>     still going to hold the Eastern Traditional
> and Primitive Archery
>     Rendezvous at Denton Hill? I told him that the
> Rendezvous was to be
>     held at Denton Hill, State Park: POSITION
> ASSOCIATION………”The executive board
>     myself included originally expressed a desire
> to hold our annual shoot
>     at Denton Hill, State Park, and it was assumed
> by board members,
>     association members and all parties present
> that it would be there. In
>     fact under the direction of the President Jim
> Billings our first news
>     letter and flyers stated that the shoot would
> be at Denton Hill……….I,
>     Tom Cole, one of the initial founders of the
> Pennsylvania Longbow
>     Association do hereby with a Heavy Hear,
> regretfully tend my
>     resignation from an organization that I love,
> and have given of
>     personal resources and time….August 4, 1991.
> {Even so I always
>     considered myself a life member of the
> Pennsylvania Longbow
>     Association. Then to add insult to injury, I
> believe it was 1994 that
>     Mike Knefly stated that the Eastern
> Traditional and Primitive Archery
>     Rendezvous was “OUR SHOOT”. This Old Timer
> thereafter was never invited
>     to attend his own Rendezvous This preacher and
> Old Time Longbowman
>     having answered a “Higher Calling”, a full
> time preacher of the Gospel
>     of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ pastured
> a church, nursing homes,
>     and hospitals--has also been active at Bow
> Festivals, Churches, etc. I
>     have personally suffered the loss of Shasha
> Siemel-Howard Hill-Bob
>     Swinehart-Ted Ekin--Ben Stuart-Kurt Cole(my
> son and business partner).
>     I have through the wonderful Holy Spirit
> defeated cancer-heart
>     problems, broken bones, and knee surgery. I
> have been even more injured
>     by the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania,
> kicked out for promoting our
>     Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ after 13
> years(and have never been
>     replaced by another chaplain). Newspapers,
> magazines, have censored
>     this Old Timer. I am at the present time being
> censored by many this of
>     course hurts very much; but when censored by
> the “Body Of Christ” it is
>     unbearable. This Old Time archer/preacher has
> tried to reconcile with
>     the Pennsylvania Longbow Association, the
> purpose mainly was to set up
>     a Pennsylvania Longbow House of Fame-Sadly
> rejected. I am proud that
>     the Pennsylvania Longbow Association is still
> active. I am a very
>     longtime member of the American Bowhunters
> Committee; and am placing
>     the Pennsylvania Longbow Hall of Fame therein.
> I firmly believe without
>     the shadow of any doubt whatsoever that this
> Old Time Longbowmen is
>     rejected for his stand for the saving gospel.
> The year is 2010 –informed
> FESTIVAL that I am available
>     for church services, and instinctive bow
> shooting clinis.
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