Presently, the achievements of scientific insight are resurrecting beyond the process of Nature, and the graces of spirituality are descending to a dangerous abyss.



In fact, the definitions of all the leading world religions are based on their contemporary needs, to help human being to evolve under Natural process on basis of peace and solidarity, not to obtain the narcissus and terrestrial bliss among the rot of massacre.



Our money and gun power are not potential enough to combat the thoughts of terrorism that conceals their sins behind religious narcissism that enthralled in mazes of terrestrial and political issues.



To prevent the rise of terrorism, we’ll have to clarify the roots of faith and the facts of the materialism disgracing all believers and atheist alike. Till now, we are destroying the embodiment of terrorism, ignoring its brutal ideology still invincible before the entire world.



It had been always lethal to write or address in favor or against the institutionalized faith of human being divided by several religious and political strictures. For a “unanimous conclusion” to tackle the clashes between religion and state, theism and atheism, PLEASE SIGN AND PROMOTE THIS PETITION to prevent the further rise of hate religious campaigns and rescue humanity from the shadow of Nuclear weapons.



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Comment by Dwane Eugene Kirkland UCC 1-207 on July 15, 2019 at 6:24pm

I woke up from a dream.
I found the key to the masses.
All this time it was the bill of rights.
Its like god is trying to tell me something. And he has.
And I found out - I was asleep for many years of being a slave.
Under the trickery unconstitutional acts.
Brought upon me and my fellow Americans.
Then this appeared to me that they the slave owners do not own me no longer.
And the whole time they was and are to be the servants.
Unless I commit a crime that- Has a victim.
This is the key to a strong nation and a free people of the masses.
Bill of rights in the public domain.
They do not want you to know.
And if you don't know then its what they say it is.
The whole time of this deep sleep and ignorant they are the ones who are limited of there power.
When the whole time you and I- had the power the whole time.
Its time. Be free.

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