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The Perverts of the Pledge of Allegiance are at it again in ARABIC



Outrage as Public School Recites Pledge of Allegiance in ARABIC

By Onan Coca / 30 April 2014

As if our public schools don’t have enough on their plate, now Principal Tom Lopez at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, has decided that they need to force our students to pledge in Arabic. Why? WHO KNOWS. Some weird attempt at empathizing or sympathizing with the Islamic world?  Here’s the school’s excuse.  The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, on Mondays. Last Monday, a member of their “Cultural Arms Club” led the student body in an Arabic version of the pledge, replacing the words “under God” with “under Allah.”  Principal Tom Lopez denies any attempt to push an Islamic agenda, saying, “These students love this country. They were not being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.”  Principal Lopez doesn’t make any sense. Speaking unintelligible words in Arabic in some way accentuates their meaning? That is an extremely weak argument in defense of an ill-advised decision.

He said the cultural clubs seeks to “destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures” that exist within the high school.  That would translate into “destroy the barriers to Islam and embrace it,” correct, Mr. Lopez?

The Poudre School District communications director, Danielle Clark, said they understand why parents are upset. She told Fox News, “We understand not everybody would agree with the students’ choice. We’ve heard there are some who are upset.”  Let’s put his into perspective for the feeble-minded Clark and Lopez. It is not the student’s choice. They do not control the public address system. It was a school choice.  Her simplistic defense included a reference to “one” supportive email and a reference to a similar mistake last year which drew controversy when the pledge was recited in Spanish. Somehow not learning from and expanding upon your previous mistakes is perceived as a viable defense for these educators.  An abdication of responsibility is also part of their defense. Clark attempted to pass the buck of responsibility to the students, saying, “This is a student-initiated and student-led club. There is no school sponsor or advisor. It doesn’t come under the umbrella of the district.”  Actually, the activity of reciting the pledge does come under the district. Choosing to put it into the hands of a group not regulated by their administrators does not provide absolution.

This entire story has a deeper root issue running through the entire thread. What is really at the root of this little controversy is another episode of liberal “white guilt.” Liberals are constantly seeing racism, persecution, hatred and evil where it does not actually exist. The media, driven by liberal emotionalism, is constantly searching for evidence of American hatred of Islam. It’s just not there.  The media hand-wrings over violence against Muslims after every terrorist attack against us – when in reality, any backlash is usually an isolated incident that has other issues at play. There have never been waves of violence or angst against Muslims in America. Even after 9-11, Americans were able to keep their cool and there was no rash of violence against American Muslims.  While liberals are constantly worried about our response to Islam’s assault on our nation and our values, they miss the truly important thing – we are constantly under attack by Islam. They are worried about offending the world’s Muslim population when they should be worried about helping us defend western values and ideals.  Here’s a helpful little hint for the spineless liberals who are constantly worried about what everyone else thinks of us: Wake Up! While you are whining about feelings our enemies are killing children, persecuting Christians, and dreaming of ways to make us suffer.

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