The TEA Party Groups need to “put distance” between themselves and the Establishment Republican Party for what I would have thought were obvious reasons.

The TEA Party Groups need to “put distance” between themselves and the Establishment Republican Party for what I would have thought were obvious reasons.

I’ve been speaking to many representatives of Christian Conservative groups throughout the Nation and several of them have One Common Complaint about the TEA Party Movement – lack of strategic thinking and planning. Seeing that you are trying to bring many Wisconsin Groups together for planning is hopeful. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people in the TEA Party Movement are not only NOT thinking strategically but May not be able to do so. This is, in my opinion, due to the ease with which many of the groups and group leaders have been co-opted by national organizations and political parties. It is always easier to adopt a pre-existing cohesive agenda than to do the work to create and implement one of their own as I am trying to formulate now.

Much as you will not want to hear this.  The TEA Party Movement is diminishing in influence.
Many of us have seen this first hand and been told of it by legislators who are no longer interested in what many groups say due to the missteps made and the actions taken. It is obvious to legislators that the national organizations are now wielding the influence and therefore the legislators see little reason to deal with small local groups and their lack of knowledge and influence when it is so much easier to go directly to dealing with a national organization with more clout, money and membership. The result? Our local and statewide influence has evaporated and been replaced by national influence from just a handful of organizations.

The GOP has seen this, encouraged this and milked this for all its worth. By carefully cultivating certain “TEA Party leaders” the party has gained the influence that it sought and now exerts control over much of the movement through the coalitions and alliances. And the majority of the groups and leaders do not recognize it. The Reagan 11th Commandment comments like that of Mike Jadin are “feelers” to test the reaction of leaders.

My comment about TEA Party Groups being taken over is an effort on my part.. a warning if you will, for all TEA Party representatives to scrutinize the effectiveness of the alliances and coalitions and see if you/they think that they are doing anything productive or if they are merely providing a platform for the party to exert control over the rank and file and enlist the people as their ground troops to do their bidding. A handful of “leaders” sway many groups to act, often against their best interests, according to what one or two national organizations want when there is little that can be done at the federal level and ignoring what can be truly done at the state level where we can achieve change. As the old saying goes – “Follow The Money” and see why this is happening. Who is paying whom and where do some groups get their money?

Eventually, people will have to come to a conclusion, each on his/her own, that the Two Party System is broken. Specifically, the “Fifth Party System” is defunct and needs replacement. Entrenched graft, patronage, influence peddling and buying by special interest groups have destroyed the system. Typically the new system will be also corrupted but the opportunity exists for making changes in the brief interim. What to replace it with? I don’t rightly know.  This is what prompted our Call To Action Thesis which has been met with so much hostility on the part of some.

Another point I’d like to make.
Politics is all about opinions and the dissemination of information. We suck at it. Yes we can get 500,000 people to march on Washington DC in protest but it's 500,000 people sitting in an echo box of people that already agree with them. It hardly benefits us and the political class have already shown they don't care. It's not a winning strategy. 

May God Bless America.. Again!

James Murphy
Green Bay TEA Party

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