{The truth any law repugnant to the compact agreement is void and null}

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{The truth any law repugnant to the compact agreement is void and null}

{The truth any law repugnant to the compact agreement is void and null}
Yes the attorney is right the supremacy clause is trump.
But he is forgetting to tell you that the federal law supremacy case law says that the government is under contract to be bound and under agreement of the compact states of the land unions.
If anything is repugnant it is void and null and if anyone enforces a conflicting law is committing treason and breaking down our laws.
No laws at any level state or federal are bound to any private American if the law or so called law is repugnant and in violations of the provisions of the sister states.
Who says so ? you and I say- the people we the people- under the supreme law that they don't share or tell you, is the famous case law in history, Marbury v Madison US 1803.
Para phrased , no law is bound to anyone at a state or federal level if it is in conflict with the locked laws. and no office is bound to any repugnant code or so called law.
The famous judge juror john marshal stated in his disposition and final words. This is supreme law. This case has not ever been beat.
Wisdom and credited to carl miller research and studies and scrutiny test....
Dwane Eugene Kirkland U.C.C 1-207 1-308 w/o prejudice

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Comment by shippwreck on April 29, 2019 at 5:50am

Thank you Duane,   The CARLTEXT.pdf is excellent!  Every one should read all seventy seven pages at least twice!  (and get a copy of Blacks law)

Comment by Dwane Eugene Kirkland UCC 1-207 on April 27, 2019 at 5:20pm

what do you  want to know ?   the key  carltext.pdf



case law -amjur 16 Constitutional law..  

Comment by LANCE WHEELER on April 27, 2019 at 9:57am
Can you please send me more info on this subject. "Compact Agreement

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