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Please post this  for all to see Keith, I am not Good with words,, but here goes. this is the only club I have ever been a member of that has not kicked me out for being too deistic, or too this or that. and I know that it takes guts and money you didn't expect to spend, but did, for your faith and believe in others, you have gathered many like thinking people in this Club, I don't know how much you spent and I don't worry, but I, and this is my opinion. Think that we the members should make a contribution of what ever we can as often as each one can to create a fund , to may be some day have a reunion or Get together to see what we accomplish each year. and what we need to improve in. to be better Americans. and help others to learn what it means to be a free American. I expect that Kieth set up an account we can donate to the Club. I am ready to donate 25 dollars once a month or when ever each individual can when he or she can. any suggestions will be needed let the originators decide. we all can input to the idea of our Club.

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