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Are Americans finally waking up?

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Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman



Several polls in recent days have reported that President Obama’s approval rating has dropped as many as seven points since his inauguration this January.  That is a dramatic decline!

The reasons for this phenomenon are speculative, but the polls do show that an increasing number of Americans are holding the President and his Democrat water carriers accountable for several serious problems the nation is facing.

Could it be that Americans are wising up? Is the citizenry now more discerning when the President engages in deception, spin, posturing, and “blame casting” for every negative issue that arises? 

Are Americans finally realizing that Barack Obama’s vision to “fundamentally transform” our nation comes at the expense of our freedoms and liberties – and at a jaw-dropping rate of government expansion?

++The Constitution and the rule of law in America are in the crosshairs.

Right now there are debates raging on gun control, drone strikes, sequestration, government spending, raising the debt ceiling, and rights of conscience – all of which are directly or indirectly constitutional issues. 

The Senate has not passed a budget, as mandated by the Constitution, since Barrack Obama took office.

The Budget Act requires that the President submit his budget proposal on or before the first Monday of February each year – a requirement which President Obama has done a miserable job of accomplishing.

Gun control is clearly a Second Amendment to the Constitution issue and this fundamental right is under withering attack from Leftist quarters.

Drone strikes against American citizens is a Fifth Amendment issue: Attorney General Eric Holder, the Obama administration, and “progressive” Members of  Congress all seem to favor allowing such strikes to come under Executive direction!

The right to free exercise of conscience is enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution, but it is trodden underfoot by the Obama administration and its so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare.

++Our Constitutional rights and liberties are being shredded.

We have repeatedly witnessed Leftists in power run roughshod over the Constitution in the last four years against the rule of law and the clear will of the American people.

It's no wonder that polls are reporting that 80% of Americans deeply distrust our federal government. The administration seems to fail to realize that where there is integrity, trust will follow! 

I can't think of a more timely message to send to the 113th Congress than to remind them of their own oaths of office while declaring our Oath of Allegiance! 

Thomas,  I need your signature to be included on the Oath of Allegiance Letter.  This powerful statement promises that you will stand with Liberty Counsel and many tens of thousands of like-minded, patriotic citizens of the United States to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic! 

Please, click here to add your name:

++Take the oath and receive a very special offer!

Immediately upon signing our powerful Oath of Allegiance Letter, you will be invited to participate in an exclusive offer specifically for the patriotic friends of Liberty Counsel – plus a special opportunity to ensure that your two Pennsylvania senators and representative receive a copy of your Oath Letter and have an opportunity to sign one themselves. 

Clicking here to sign your personal Oath of Allegiance:

++Two men who got it right this time. 

Liberty Counsel applauds Senator Rand Paul, who filibustered against the nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director and the unconstitutionality of drone strikes against Americans.  In doing so, he declared, “I will not let him shred the Constitution.”

And congratulations to Representative Steve King, who is threatening to delay the government’s “Continuing Resolution” Bill (CR) unless it includes language protecting Americans from being forced by the federal government to act against their consciences.

Here’s what Congressman King said about the matter:

“I would like to see the conscience protection language go into that CR, and I’d like to see conservatives band together and refuse to pass the CR until such time as we get that language in there.”

Taking a bold stand for what is right is what is needed now in the halls of Congress, on Pennsylvania Avenue, and on Main Street America.

Unless Americans reaffirm their allegiance to the Constitution, our rights to speak out disagree with and petition the exercise religious own a firearm to defend ourselves...and other crucial rights...will likely disappear forever!

Liberty Counsel has become quite effective at making your voice heard and getting key points across to politicians who swore their own oaths of allegiance!  We can scarcely wait to deliver at least 100,000 of these Letters to officials who need to know this is a constitutional republic, not a dictatorship, monarchy, oligarchy, or politburo!

Click here to take your stand and add your name to the Oath of Allegiance:

++Liberty Counsel will continue defending the Constitution against ALL enemies!

We must not allow Leftists to subvert the Constitution in order to form a more “socialized” union! That’s why I firmly believe that God has raised up Liberty Counsel for such a time as this.

I believe our Oath of Allegiance Letter will continue to resonate with Americans across our country and stir them to take a firm stand for the original, inspired plan for our nation’s governance.

Liberty Counsel will then present our signed Oath of Allegiance Letter to our elected officials to let them know – in no uncertain terms – that we expect them to adhere to their own Oath of Office, the Constitution, and to join us in the battle against the Constitution’s enemies.

Click here now to join this bold campaign and sign the Oath of Allegiance Letter:

God bless you, as always, for your support of Liberty Counsel’s important mission!  I believe that God has uniquely equipped us for the intense battles being waged right now against liberty, life, and family.

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. I hope you will sign our powerful Oath of Allegiance Letter. We want to tell our elected representatives that tens of thousands of Americans REFUSE to stand silently by while socialists take our Constitution apart, plank by plank!

This is why I am writing to ask you to join a powerful national campaign to DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION and to by sign our powerful Oath of Allegiance Letter today.  Click here to take action with us:

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