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Racing Towards Tyranny?

June 19, 2013


After our fall conference last year, Jan received this enthusiastic endorsement of the event: “This conference was the best I have ever attended anywhere.  You presented the facts, which can be disheartening, but you also lifted us by presenting Jesus Christ and our blessed hope.”


There are, indeed, a lot of disheartening facts in our world-at-large today and the bad news is growing and multiplying by the week!  And you will hear much of this news as it pertains to the Bible when you attend our fall 2013 “Understanding the Times” Conference.    


Overriding every subject that’s covered is the hope that all of the events we are watching unfold point to the soon-coming of our King for His bride and the fulfillment of many, many yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecies. 


Michele Bachmann, left, with Jan’s Executive Assistant, Heidi Swander 

And it’s such important news, and so vital to our daily lives and the life of our country as well as our world, that we have one special attendee who makes a point of attending at least part, if not all, of our conference each year:  Representative Michele Bachmann. “I do what I can not to miss it,” she’s told me.


Every year we read -- or hear -- that, “this was the best one ever!”  You know how that goes.  The fact is that the more events in our world hurtle toward the end (of the beginning), the more appreciative people are to hear what our speakers have to say!


This fall we have three dynamic speakers who will present up-to-the-minute news from Scripture and world events:

  Mark Hitchcock

Dr. Mark Hitchcock has been a favorite for the last three  years, and he’ll be back again this year to explain how prophecy is relevant to our lives today.


Dr. Ron Rhodes, who joined us in 2009, will return this year.  One topic we have asked him to cover is discernment in the church today, in light of the apostasy that appears to be taking many once-grounded churches by storm.  Sadly, the numbers increase every year. Rhodes is also the author of our number one ministry best-seller: “The End Times in Chronological Order.” 


Our expert on discerning current events this year is World Net Daily (WND) founder Joseph Farah, who says, “There seems to be a consensus among the American people that something is dreadfully wrong.”  Joseph will expound on that, and we won’t know quite how until we are much closer to our conference and we see what has happened in our world.  What events in America and the world will have transpired by that time?  We’ll have to wait and see!  


Startling happenings are breaking literally every hour, both in America and the world. Mid East watchers suggest a major war is imminent in that region that will totally destabilize the world. It will be sparked by or in Syria and Iran.


Are we heading towards tyranny in America and other parts of the West? It would seem the groundwork is being laid for the coronation of the Antichrist any day. With righteous Americans being spied upon and with computer key strokes being watched in real time, what is the next shocking news story?  We’ll talk about these things this fall. 


We’re paring down our conference to one day this fall but that day will be jam-packed with vital information you’ll want to be aware of!


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