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According to the Thirteenth Amendment it is unconstitutional to subject a person to slavery or involuntary servitude. When a parents are compelled to send their children to government schools the Constitution is being violated.For thirteen years students are subjected to involuntary servitude without their consent and without compensation

A child typically goes to school for approximately 8 hours a day for 180 days a year and spends a total of over 18.000 hours incarcerated in a government classroom.If the our children received a minimum wages of $7.25 per hour they would be entitled to over $135,000 by the time they graduated from high school. Compulsory education is unconstitutional and forcing parents to surrender their children to government supervision is a very bad idea. 

Our government kidnaps our children and holds them in gulags where their brains are converted from thought factories in to warehouse for useless information.

Albert Einstein once observed that government schools are determined to teach fish how to climb trees. Rather than rewarding for being creative they are taught to color inside of the lines, Schools have become centers where children are sent to programmed to be obedient servants who always march in a straight line and salivate at the sound of a bell

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Comment by Rhode Island Jim on December 27, 2017 at 4:07pm

Keith, my brother, this comment is in no way meant to be derogatory or demeaning so please, do not take it as such.  Your articles, while being mostly good and to the point, definitely need editing and I would be happy, time permitting to help you do so, if you would like.


Rhode Island Jim

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