What IS America Again!?

Good question, because many of you cannot answer this question. When you talk to anyone and they start to whine and cry about what's wrong with this country, do you join in with them? Or do you tell them about a real full spectrum solution to the problem of our big overreaching government?

What is America Again! to you?

Does anyone understand the value of Ratifying the 28th Amendment? Or do you see it as another 'fix' or another group that's come along to offer up 'their' little plan to fixing one part of the big problem?


What do you think of the DC occupation?

Are you tired of (big) corrupt government?

Do you want 'big government' to govern you, or do you want to be in charge of the government?

Do you want de-centralization of the government?

Unhappy with the last election?

These are all questions we can use to open up a conversation. When talking to friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances or someone you just met, find out what their 'issue(s') might be and use that to talk to them about America Again!. Just about everyone has something that is bothering them about our government, country, politicians, you name it and it's been cussed and discussed. Nearly everything can be addressed by talking to someone about America Again! and all of its points of action.  

What is America Again!?

'It means a responsible new way of life.'

'An engine of restoration.'

'Human management of the republic.'

'We the People governing our government.'

So again I ask, what is America Again! to you? Do you know? Have you read any of the materials offered for free? Did you read the FAQ section on the America Again! website or any of the free pdf downloadable books written by David Zuniga? If you haven't, why not??   You can’t talk about America Again! and Ratifying the 28th Amendment without reading any of the material to understand what it really is about.

We are in a serious situation now. It's time to Stand Up and Do Something!!

But if you just choose to sit by and watch or wait to see if enough people come on board first, then maybe this isn't the right place for you. But if you choose to listen to our weekly calls and look at both of our websites and read the material, or if you are looking for a solution to the problems we face and then decide you want to speak up and ask questions, then this just might be the right place for you. We are looking for responsible people who are ready and willing to take action to make this republic what it is truly meant to be....for We the People.

Erin Lea

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