The Constitution Party of the United States

Who are we?

We are the Constitution Party. 

We are the only group of people politically empowered and morally committed to defending and preserving our Constitution.

We love our country and we love freedom. We chose to become patriots because we love our country.

We see many ways America is being destroyed by its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

We have taken upon ourselves an obligation to commit our time, talents, and resources to this vital work.

Our message is that of the Founding Fathers.  We need to express that message while holding to the highest standards of integrity, morality, and good faith.

We must hold in our hearts a clear understanding of what this country could be and was meant to be. 

We must live exemplary lives.

We must educate ourselves every day so that we are capable of defending the principles and truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

We must raise the level of political speech in the United States by talking about the things that really matter, rather than lowering ourselves to the level of the Democrats and Republicans. We do not have the right to stoop to their level of conduct.

It is up to us.  If we fail, the United States will fail as a constitutional republic.

If the United States fails, freedom will die all over the world.

Ask yourself this question:

If we fail, how will you explain to your children and grandchildren that you allowed freedom to die on your watch?

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