What’s Up With Trump Haters?


Take a look at the current crop of people vying for the nomination for the GOP ticket. One has to notice that it looks similar to the one in 2007.  Two things were of little doubt back then: first, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and Ron Paul, were clearly the best of the pick. Second: Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney were without a doubt the worst; McCain obviously being the worst of the worst.  That being the typical GOP pattern, it is of little doubt that Jebbie will be the next GOP candidate for which few will vote. Is Jebbie the worst possible candidate running? Unquestionably. Is Donald Trump the best candidate we have? Not at all but we should be glad he is running. Why?

First, the obvious; the GOP will NEVER allow Trump to get the nomination, so unless he goes back on his pledge to the lying liars who got him to sign it and goes 3rd party, no one will have to decide whether or not to vote for him.  The GOP will certainly stoop to the same tactics they used to derail Ron Paul’s nomination if necessary. Those who believe they would permit it are probably the same folks who see imagined differences in the parties themselves.

Consider the things Trump says. He is actually saying the very things that other Republicans got elected for saying. Yes, he may say them more harshly, but what conservative, (perhaps “constitutionalist” is a better term) doesn’t cry out against the tyranny of political correctness?  What is surprising is that so many people thought of as intelligent, free-thinking constitutionalists, such as Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, and others rail against Trump by calling him names, picking fights, and screaming that he is not a true conservative. Here’s a newsflash, PEOPLE AIN’T BEHIND TRUMP BECAUSE HE IS CONSERVATIVE! Got that? We all know he is not a true conservative so quit trying to be some shining beacon to show “Trumpeters?” the way to enlightenment. What Trump is saying, and doing, is showing all these GOP wussies that a man can speak his mind, say the things that most American patriots are thinking, and stand behind them without backing down.  How did Ben Carson get a recent bump in the polls? By speaking and acting like Trump. He made a statement, had it misquoted, and stood by it while little Lindsey wet her panties and demanded apologies, which has been the GOP “strategy” for decades now.

Nothing could be considered more constitutional than to make true statements without malice and standing by them. Politicians don’t like Trump because he stands on principle rather than stand with special interest contributors.  Who do you think controls the elections? You? The Parties? Corporations? Guess what, it’s the big…no…huge campaign donors.  Obviously, they don’t like Trump because he can’t/won’t be bought.  Isn’t that a great thing?

I raised 6 kids. Sometimes I’d hold up 2 fingers and say, “There are only 2 things. There’s getting it done, and there’s NOT getting it done. There is no in-between. You either get it done or you don’t. And no amount of excuses will get it done or make things any different. Excuses only work for government employees who never get things done anyway.” So I ask you, for all his common sense, logic, patriotism, and intellect, did Ron Paul get it done? Son, Rand? McConnell? Boehnor? The GOP? Anyone?  TRUMP HAS SHOWN THAT HE GETS THINGS DONE! That is his appeal. The GOP had total control of the federal government from 2002-2008 and both houses of congress for the past year. Did they secure the borders? Lower spending? Shrink government? Slow union tyranny? Expand citizens’ liberty? Or have they made all those things worse?  I suggest the latter. Did they “promise” to do all those things to get elected, and reelected, and reelected, and reelected? Practically all of them.  And people want to destroy the one man who just might have the balls to do what they said they would do? And his critics call themselves patriots? People also complain that he used to be a DemonRat.  Ok, so how else is he like Ronald Reagan?  Is he not anti-abortion enough for you? Not intellectual enough? Constitutional enough? Perfect enough? Well, I’d ask anyone insisting on the perfect candidate to study the history of Ron Paul’s presidency. Or Harry Browne’s.

Has anyone noticed that Republican candidates who go after Trump are falling by the wayside?  Rick Perry and Scott Walker, both quite vitriolic towards Trump couldn’t weather the drop in polls after decrying Trump’s rhetoric. And unfortunately, it looks like the formerly respected Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal will suffer the same fate. Carly Fiorina conversely, saw a rise in her popularity when she used the Trump model to stand up to him to refute his claims about her business history.

People need to understand that Trump is a POPULIST, not a CONSERVATIVE candidate. That means that he appeals to a broad spectrum of people and a high percentage agree with many of his views and attitudes.  He speaks for them.  When these candidates try to make fun of him or shoot him down, what they are doing, in essence, is telling his broad range of supporters, “You are silly and boorish. You don’t belong here with the ruling class. You will settle for the establishment candidates you are given”. And we, the people have had just about as much of that as we are going to take. If the establishment doesn’t like our candidate, then voters want him that much more. If both parties despise him, the big donors fear him, the media attacks him, he must be the best hope to break the chains all those groups enjoy having around our necks. How many of you Ron Paul fans consider yourselves to be anti-establishment? Well, Trump is turning out to be the anti-establishment candidate. Sure, that means he has no record on which to run or be judged. Most of the other candidates have blemishes, some horrendous, such as Rand Paul’s vote recently, to continue to fund the human slaughterhouse called Planned Parenthood.   

Look, one of the biggest faults of the GOP is the pathetic lack of support, loyalty, and defense they show for one another. Why do this? Why show such hatred toward Trump?  Like it or not, HE IS ONE OF OUR CANDIDATES! Remember Reagan’s 11th commandment; don’t speak ill of another party candidate.  Yes, that would include, I guess Lindsey Grahamnesty.  If you want to bash the Republicans go after McConnell, Boner, McCain, etc. God knows there is plenty of RINO crap out there. If Trump’s not your guy, fine but don’t work on destroying one candidate and think you are helping your own. Aside from Jebbie, Grahamnesty, and very others, we have a great selection of good candidates who seem to want to increase liberty and return us to constitutional governance.  Please look at the big picture and direct your hatred, bile, and vitriol at the bigger enemy, the liberals of all parties.


© 9/30/15 Bobby Florentz


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