Why do we, the people [ecuse me, "persons"] vote for anyone in a de-facto regime.

Its not our government so why do we support it by voting, which we have seen for at least 100 years is a meaningless endevour? Every one who registers to vote is saying "I believe in this structure and therefore I will lend credence to it by taking part in a 'heads they win, tails we lose' manipulation. All this crap about the idiots on the left and those appealing to the thinking, who think they elected Trump are being played for fools. The media has put on a dog and pony show that could be summed up as the theater of the absurd.

Trump was put in [selected by the mafia] to make you think that we are going to change the status quo by registering to vote. You will notice that just about everything Trump has promised has been way-laid by the idiot left. They, the mafia, makes sure just enough are put in office on the left so that nothing very material is accomplished. That's a pretty slick maneuver by the controllers. Probably the slickest move they have made since Jekyll Island and Americans are slurping it up. If it was their goal to bring about rampant squabbling from both sides it has worked perfectly. The mafia always capitalizes during periods of in-fighting and chaos.

As to the aspect of proper representation, I can't see what difference it makes whether we have one representative per 30,000 inhabitants or one Representative per million inhabitants if those reps are loyal to the mafia instead of the people.

If everything is rigged, as we know it is, why would we think that one 4 year term would change anything. Yes, it would create just a bit more work for the mafia getting a new crew in line every 4 years to do their bidding, but it would still be their agents, not ours. 

I believe that the only thing that makes any sense is to rescind our signatures on our voter's registration and quit giving this criminal organization our support.

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