Certainly by now it is obvious to one and all that left-wingers, like communists before them, are looking to do away with God and Christianity.  Why?  What makes this so important?




Let’s first look at the difference between rights and privileges.  Privileges can be rescinded, rights cannot.  If for instance, you had to walk around my property to get to work, you could ask my permission to cut through my property to shorten your journey.  If you were to come ask my permission, I may or may not grant it.  I may or may not ask for compensation for cutting across my property.  Regardless, it would be up to me to decide.  And as a privilege, it would be something I could rescind at any time provided we have no contract. 


However, you have every right to walk around my property on public roads.  That is not something that can be denied you, because as a citizen you have a right to be there.  A right is something that inherent to members of society. 


Now let’s explore the definition of “unalienable”.  Some want to pronounce it “Un-a-‘leen-able” but I’ve never seen that pronunciation in any dictionary.  Anyway, the dictionary defines it thus; “not to be separated; inalienable”. NOT TO BE SEPARATED, that means that we have these rights with which we are endowed in such a way as to make them permanent to us.  In other words, not only can they not be taken from us but we cannot sell, give, or vote them away from ourselves.  This is literally what makes abortion antithetical to our Founding Documents. These rights are not to be separated.  And from where/whom do these rights come and why?


As far as we know, America’s Founders received no actual communications from our Creator. They have not written to say that the formation of The United States was “doing The Lord’s work” nor that we were to be strictly a Christian nation. Yet, they declared that our unalienable rights are bestowed by our Creator. This point has not been proven empirically but has always been stipulated, acknowledged, and agreed upon since our inception. Why? Why is this point so important? It is as important to freedom and liberty-loving atheists and Satanists as it is to the most Godly, religious Christian. Because a right, once granted, can only be rescinded by an equal or higher power. 


If the Founders had asserted that our rights come from government then government could take them away.  In fact, our Constitution constituted the first agreed-upon government that is structured in such a way that citizens can do anything they want that has not peen prohibited.  Most earlier civilizations functioned on the opposite premise that citizens could do almost nothing without permission of the ruling class, similar to where we find ourselves today. If the stipulation had been that our unalienable rights came from free men, such as ourselves, then free politicians would feel at liberty to take them from us.


What this means is that for our government to justify the eradication of our unalienable rights that have been bestowed by Our Creator, it would have to assert; 1) that government is superior to God; or 2) That government is now God. Either claim would be quickly and easily seen by even the most obtuse sheeple and would have religious leaders worldwide railing against them.  But, what if they could prove there was no God or eradicate Him in the minds of the low-information citizenry? If there is no God, there are no unalienable rights. Why do you think they put a Muslim in our White House?  Because our unalienable rights do NOT come from allah.  They are antithetical to islam.  No God = No Rights.


Don’t you wonder what could be the goal of the war on Christmas? Why the Easter Holiday is now “spring break”?  Why the Ten Commandments are banned from courthouses and prayer and the pledge of Allegiance are banned from our schools? What has left-wing totalitarians worldwide at war with God, Christians, and Christianity? The unalienable rights of the American citizen, entirely.  Because with we citizens with our unalienable rights, there is no more Constitutional Representative Republic known as The United States of America. Gone is our Declaration of Independence. Gone is our Constitution.  Gone is our Bill of Rights and all the liberty that goes with those documents. 


Don’t you get it? These people aren’t actually offended by Christianity for religious or irreligious reasons. They don’t have specific problems with people quietly praying or having moral attitudes to themselves.  They know that God and Christianity gets in the way of where they want America and thus, the world to go.  You see they have a vision that you and I don’t see.  A vision held by the likes of Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Moa Tse Tung, and others who just weren’t up to the task of saving the world from capitalism.  Many times they will actually admit that. That the reason totalitarianism didn’t work and always ends in disaster is because it wasn’t implemented by the right people. Isn’t it odd how those who slaughter the most people always feel like they are the most qualified to be doing it? It is they who would kill in the name of obliterating our unalienable rights to make the world a better place. It is they who would consider themselves god-like enough to make life better using a barbaric form of government that killed over 150,000,000 in the 20th century. It is they that need to kill God so that they can go on to kill everything that is good about America.  So, how about it patriot, will you stand up for the Christian God, along with your unalienable rights, or go quietly into the night like the German Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s?


© Bobby Florentz


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20, March 2015

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Comment by Online Professor on March 27, 2016 at 8:13pm

The Constitution for the United States was written to govern the government of the United States. The Constitution was a rulebook to limit the power of the government to abuse the rights of the people.

The Declaration of Independence was a proclamation that all men on the planet were created equal in the sight of God and were endowed with the same inalienable rights. The founders hoped that their experiment in self government would lead to the freedom of all mankind.

Comment by Anita Martinez on December 28, 2015 at 2:05pm
@shipwreck very well said to u and Bobby. But as for me. I don't love being told what to do. I believe in God my Creator. The Almighty! Not Allah or Muhammad. They are devil worshippers. They don't believe in God. All they wish is to do harm to us. Because we love our country because we love America. Because we don't discriminate for race or religion. I love my country and I will fight if they choose to come to my door. I may die for what I believe but at least I'll die fighting.
Comment by shippwreck on December 19, 2015 at 8:38am

@Bobby, I should have commented first that your essay is very well written and very thought provoking. Kudos!   I had never actually considered that if rights come from God,  we have no rights if there is no God. However, The constitution clearly states "creator" not God. That said, Muslims do not worship their creator.  Instead, their "main man"  is Muhammad, who started out trying to create a religion with him in charge and discovered it needed to be a Doctrine, in order for him to get any traction. People love being told what to do and how to act.

Comment by shippwreck on December 19, 2015 at 8:24am

I agree with what you have said, Keith, However, Our constitution was not written or  intended for the world. It has no jurisdiction out side the borders of the USA.  Our forefathers were trying to distance themselves from the leaders of the rest of the world and make a place where the people were responsible for  themselves!  People use your above arguments to define their "open border" beliefs.  The constitution was created to defend us against the world and to keep Government as small as possible.  The coming election, which is demonstrating that  people are only worried about electing a new leader and have almost no idea who is running to represent them, (or which is more important) is a sure sign we are on our way to oblivion via the path of tyranny. Only two candidates have demonstrated that they are for upholding the constitution, and one is not eligible, unless you let some one else define what natural born citizen means.

Comment by Online Professor on November 24, 2015 at 7:26am


The founders of our nation often referred to "The Laws of Nature and Nature's God". It is obvious that they believed that our rights were granted to us by our Creator. These rights are in the DNA of every one on the planet. I believe that with our rights come the responsibility respect the life, liberty and property of everyone. To me the ethical treatment of others is the foundation of liberty. All of the people on earth are either ethical or they are not. There are ethical and unethical Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Jews. There are virtuous people all around the world and they all share the right to believe whatever they want as long as they don't violate my rights.

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