WIB FINANCIAL GROUP (WIB) Registered Associate Program

WIB FINANCIAL GROUP (WIB) Registered Associate Program

The WIB FINANCIAL GROUP (WIB) Registered Associate Program is a thoroughly professional, highly profitable, golden opportunity for anyone either currently in or desiring to enter the lucrative financial service industry. REGISTERED ASSOCIATE PROGRAM A COMPLETE TURNKEY BUSINESS, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE MONEY * For $100 USD investment in WIB’S training manual provides a simple start up turn key financial business Complete with Venture Capital training manual. Titled VENTURE CAPITAL “Raising Business capital fore the 21 st Century. Learn to recognize your opportunities * Complete five days a week Associate Support * One Source For qualified submissions, all types of financing and Simplified applications * Wholesale products and services With WIB, their will never be a better time or a better opportunity to step up to a prestigious, high income, financial career. COMMON QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS What are some of the other financial and business products and services that I will be able to offer clients? WIB financial products and services includes start-up and expansion funding. Growth and protection of your clients assets, privacy, LLC & incorporation services in all 50 states, many offshore corporate jurisdictions, trusts, LLC’S, IPO’S, local USA & global business strategies from now and beyond, estate planning, revenue, and more. Q. Exactly what does a WIB Associate do? An Associate assists people who need funding, by helping them with feasibility studies, business plans, various important funding documents, and many other financial and business products and services. Then they forward the information to WIB when funded they earn a commission on all closings. Q. Why will clients come to me? The money business is a service business. With WIB to guide you, you will quickly learn how to provide clients with the same professional service that has helped us become an industry leader. Q. Can I really compete in this business even though I am just getting started? Absolutely! The rules regarding equity capital acquisition are continually being written. Borrowing money under loan agreements has been taking place for many years, but trading equity for financing is a much more recent idea...an idea whose time has come. Q. How much can I expect to make? Financial Associates are some of the highest paid people in the country. You can make as much as you are willing to work for. Q. Why is WIB’S Registered Associate Program so unique? WIB’S training, support, and profit picture are second to none. When you couple this with the fact that you will be able to obtain funding for your clients for new business start-ups, for existing business expansions, and much more, you have the firm foundation upon which you can build a secure financial future. WIB’S uniqueness is found in the variety of profit centers and the ability to satisfy a multitude of clients in a highly professional manner. Q. How do I get started? Getting started in this exciting new financial service and beginning to make big money is easy. Simply go to www.buybooksontheweb.com the total costs is just the $100 dollars the book will cost you. Everything you need to know about this business is in the manual (Venture Capital) Support for your new business is available to you personally 5 days a week Mondays thru Fridays. The manual provides comprehensive training and reference materials so you can begin developing new clients immediately. Q. Do you have any additional questions? Any questions you may have now, or in the future can be answered by Michael Webster personally or your assigned Sr..WIB Associate, who is dedicated to your success. WIB looks forward to assisting you in your future success. Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for financial freedom pass you by! WIB Associates earn on closing of deals 25% of what WIB receives. WIB SR. Associates earn on closing of deals up to 40% of what WIB receives. Those acting as freelance brokers receive up to 20% of the deal of what WIB receives. The Founders Statement: “I’m unaware of any other business of this type, whereby you can get started in a business of your own for such a small capital outlay of just $100 dollars. The cost of the manual only. Yes its that easy to become an WIB Associate and be independent and in business for yourself”. Michael Webster Chairman of the Board WIB FINANCIAL GROUP Since 1972 Notice: WIB and/or Michael Webster, nor any associates, agents, brokers, or representatives offer any legal or accounting advice. Insist your clients consult with their own legal and tax professionals.


Instructions: We invite you to contact us regarding your business funding needs.
Please fill out the form below, including a short (two pages or less) or concept paper or executive summary. Then check appropriate box [s], print this page, fill it out in black ink. and forward to WIB 301 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 or e-mail it to mvwsr@aol.com 949 697-5676

Your Name ___________________________________________________
Company Name _______________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________
City_____________ State ____________ ZIP _____________
Country _____________________________________________________
Ph. ____________ Cell ____________ Fax ____________
E-mail _______________________________________________________
Estimate of amount of Funds needed $ ___________________________

Please Check Appropriate Box

[ ] Business start up funding [ ] Business Expansion funding [ ] Business operating capital [ ] Micronomic start up funding [ ] Credit line [ ] Arranging Bank business loan
[ ] SBA Assistance [ ] Real Estate projects [ ] Mining projects [ ] Oil & Gas [ ]
Film projects.

This inquiry is submitted by [ ] Individual [ ] WIB broker [ ] WIB Associate
If WIB broker or WIB Associate submit complete name and address with cell number and e-mail.

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