with lapes of time and the circumstances, Causes prejudice to adverse parties involved./ public

{For civil and criminal records/ Title 18 code V/1 241,242}
Claimed Beneficiary ,
U.C.C.1-207 1-308 w/o PR
Case #________________
03:11:54 PM 06/19/19
{Laches estoppel doctrine}
To whom it may Concern,
The Judge- the Lawyers- and public defenders- listed defendants-
for our records and your records,
It now comes due to the facts of a failure to answer the claimed
beneficiary -plaintiff by ,the doctrine of laches and the five
day rule, Neglected or omission of to assert right as taken in
conjunction with lapes of time and the circumstances, Causes
prejudice to adverse parties involved.
We the people- the claimed beneficiary of the governmental
contract- the warranty - and safe guarded provisions - that the
defendants shall protect- defend parties in interest of rights.
Under the supremacy law, {Article 6 paragraph 2} That all offices
are bound to.
{People ex rel . Mulvey v. City of chicago, 292 ///. App. 589,
12 N.E. 2d 13, 16, } {also listed case laws in the law
books} Title 18 code V/1 241,242 US} {additional case laws if requested,
full report if requested/with enjoyment}
According to Black's law dictionary /with Pronunciations
Sixth edition Centennial edition {1891- 1919)
page 875/ An
element of doctrine is that the defendants alleged change of
position for the worse must have been induced by or resulted from
the conduct,misrepresentation or silence of the plaintiff or
defendant in the matter. ALSO SEE PAGE 780/ INFRINGEMENT.{For civil and criminal records/ Title 18 code V/1 241,242}
Also lack of jurisdiction. It may consist of lack of power to
act with out the consent, and a conflict with contract issues,
because conditions essential to exercise of jurisdiction have not
been complied with ,or may consist of lack of jurisdiction over
subject matter or over person. PAGE 875/BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY
We now have come to the conclusion that this matter is closed
and the plaintiff shall not further be infringed and encroached
during his life liberty to seek happiness.
Or be stopped for papers by some unlawful reason
victim or property damage or any violation of the
he is under and under agreement of Constitutional
actual law. Between all institutions who promised
Constitutional contract, and no other.
with out any
Contract that
contract by
to governed by
Please call off the______________________________________.to
leave the plaintiff alone.
So that he/she can live the rest of her life without Gestapo
military tactic of one to give rights or privacy away or to be
taken. Or any trickery contract issues of consent or free agency,
or failure to disclose or denied request to hidden information in
the matter of litigation and mitigation.
Thank you for your candid work you do to protect life and limb
and property and the provisions of the contract, and the ability
to know the distinctive difference between actual law v
unconstitutional declared acts , regulations codes statutes.
Signature of the claimed beneficiary of the Constitutional
Self Claimed Constitutional advocate witness,
Dwane Eugene Kirkland UCC 1-207 1-308 w/o prejudice.
{11Brv infantry 1-10 bill
of rights advocate, investigator and public's records}{over-watch for the republic/expose judges and lawyers and Gestapo
officers}who violate article 6 paragraph 2. INGODWETRUST. I love maxim law- Gods law- common law. American law.{For civil and criminal records/ Title 18 code V/1 241,242}

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