How many of you remember the great comedian Flip Wilson back in the 70's? One of his stories titled, Do Ruby Magoneya ring a bell?

In this story he told about Ruby's father King Magoneya who ruled the kingdom of Magoneya, that's why it was called the Kingdom of Magoneya.

It was one day announced King Magoneya was giving his address to the people of Magoneya so all the people gathered around the castle cheering, Yea King Magoneya! Yea King Magoneya!

King Magoneya comes out on his balcony to address the people. The people are cheering yea King Magoneya! yea King Magoneya! King Magoneya says, "ALL THOSE WHO HAVE ANYTHING, IT SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM" and the people cheer, yea King Magoneya! yea King Magoneya! and then he says, "AND ALL THOSE WHO HAVE NOTHING SHALL HAVE EVEN LESS" and the people continue to cheer, yea King Magoneya! yea King Magoneya!  this isn't the whole story, just a part of it, but any of you who remember Flip Wilson can picture how funny this was at the time. Well low and behold, this has become a reality and isn't so funny any more.

Here is the updated version of this story. Only this time it's not too funny.

Are we are getting the regime we deserve?

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