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Erin Lea's Comments

Comment Wall (22 comments)

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At 6:07pm on April 8, 2017, Keith Broaders said…

According to Article I Section 2 Clause 3 each state is entitled to 1 representative in Congress for every 30,000 people in their state. Based on that ratio, the State of Wyoming which currently has only 1 representative should have 18 representatives.

By following the Constitution we would have much smaller Congressional Districts and a lobbyists who control the 435 politicians In Washington D.C. would have a tough time influencing over 10,000 representatives of the people in nearly all of the 3,142 counties.

Reducing the size of the Congressional Districts and increasing the number of representatives does not increase the power of the Congressional Representatives it increases the voice and power of the people they were elected to represent.

At 8:14pm on April 2, 2017, Keith Broaders said…

To listen to "The Law: audiobook click on the following link

To read "The Law: Click on the image of Frederic Bastiat

At 7:01am on April 20, 2017, Little Cloud gave 3d1yzrl70ag74 a gift
felicidades !!
At 4:06pm on March 4, 2017, Keith Broaders said…

Click on the flag to access the Kansas State Legislature

At 4:55pm on February 28, 2017, Keith Broaders said…


At 7:53am on February 26, 2017, Keith Broaders said…
At 7:52am on February 26, 2017, Keith Broaders said…
At 7:50am on February 26, 2017, Keith Broaders said…
At 2:11pm on February 11, 2017, Duane Eugene Kirkland said…

shared discovery for you, thank you for the invite. 

By Publius Huldah

Art.VI, clause 2 says:

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land…”

That tells us:

1. Only THREE things are eligible to comprise the “supreme Law of the Land”: The Constitution, Acts of Congress, and Treaties. Supreme Court opinions are not included! Supreme Court opinions aren’t even “law” [contrary to what lawyers were told in law school] – they are merely opinions on the law suits or proceedings before the court.

2. Furthermore, Acts of Congress must be made pursuant to Authority granted to Congress by the Constitution before they qualify as part of the “supreme Law”. If Acts of Congress are not authorized by the Constitution, the acts are mere usurpations and must be treated as such. See:…/nullification-smacki…/

3. Treaties must likewise be made under the Authority of the United States before they qualify as part of the “supreme Law”. From where do the President and the Senate obtain their Authority? From the Constitution. The Constitution must specifically authorize the national government to act in an area before they may lawfully make a treaty addressing the object. The national government may not circumvent the limitations imposed by the enumerated powers to do by treaty what they may not lawfully do pursuant to the enumerated powers. E.g., our Constitution does not delegate to the national government authority to restrict our arms, ammunition, regulate firearms dealers, do background checks, etc. The national government may not lawfully circumvent this restriction by means of a treaty wherein the signatory governments agree to disarm their Citizens or Subjects.…/treaty-making-powers…/

The Supreme Court’s opinion in the homosexual marriage cases was a grotesque usurpation of powers not delegated.…/searching-for-marria…/ And the opinion of these FIVE (5) morally degenerate lawyers is not “law” in any sense of the word. Only Congress is authorized to make “law” (Art. I, Sec. 1).

So County Clerk Kim Davis is a Heroine of the Republic for standing up to Tyranny.  Like Rosa Parks.

At 5:20pm on February 7, 2017, Barbara M Anderson said…

I do, he just ignores..yet, language says a lot about a person and their for the thread? I will take a look , I am not sure; disgusted with DeVos being the ED secretary..

At 4:44pm on February 5, 2017, Barbara M Anderson said…


I am a language major and also a writer..or at least trying to get several books done as well as some blogs that I write..we've got is not proper..a double participle which no doubt is not taught any have a double have and got..why not, we have some smart...

At 2:24pm on February 2, 2017, Barbara M Anderson said…


I have invited everyone I know, some with huge lists, but no takers; this is what is so maddening; they all have their own agendas.

At 9:47pm on February 1, 2017, Barbara M Anderson said…


Thanks for your message; I joined AA the night of the conference call..thought I had before then...

At 8:26pm on January 31, 2017, Daniel Garnett, Sr. said…

Thanks for the invite Erin. We in Wyoming are just getting started and trying to develop contacts throughout the state. It looks like you're will ahead of us in your state development, so might be asking questions from time to time.
God's Best,

At 6:30pm on January 30, 2017, Barbara M Anderson said…

Congrats on your new position; I am sure you will be phenomenal. Listened to you last night on the call but evidently you did not know I was on nor Dan.

At 10:09pm on January 28, 2017, Keith Broaders said…
At 5:41pm on January 27, 2017, Keith Broaders said…
At 5:26pm on January 25, 2017, Keith Broaders said…
At 3:34pm on January 24, 2017, Keith Broaders said…
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At 3:32pm on January 24, 2017, Keith Broaders said…

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