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Zionism and the little problem of genocide

A lot of people throw the word Zionism around without understanding what it actually means. Lets open up a can of worms shall we?

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Comment by Jim Fishback on January 18, 2013 at 11:19am

Wow, is this a Propaganda spot or what.

Just "joined" this site and have seen some Great videos, but this one takes the cake.

To say that a command from the Almighty is arbitrarily "genocide" with "NO Provocation" is to reveal a Monumental Ignorance of the Holy Scriptures. This piece is so riddled with incorrect quotes of scripture and evident total lack of history of this period, it's laughable... First of all, the Jewish Nation did not follow Joshua around for 40 years "Looking" for the promise land. Second, the reason to kill all life was because of the Sin that had permeated even into the 'dumb' animals was so intense, GOD knew it would corrupt the "Chosen Nation". (b.t.w. It did as it turns out).

You may have other points to back up your claim against "Zionism" but this one is pathetically erred.

EVEN if what you say is true, you totally disregard the The 1917 Balfour Declaration which declared that the British favored a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Palestine was a region, NOT a nation, and the Arabs have lied about this region ever since the Ottoman Empire conquered it, EVEN after they were defeated by Great Britain and the area was controlled by the Brits.

Jordon is a result of a capitulation to the Arabs,,, and then Jordon "Stole" the West Bank illegally occupying it in 1947/48.... TransJordon as it was originally named was the Arab portion and Israel was the Jewish protion of the agreement.

Problem is/was,,, when this deal was made, the Arabs were armed and the Israelis were not,,, The Arabs hate the Jews and have been trying to annhilate them ever since.

You err when you "judge" Israel as a Theocratic government... Actually the Knesset is filled with Jews, Arabs and even Muslims.... The Orthodox Jew makes up only a small minority of the ruling class of Israel.

You talk about not wanting derisive comments,, I think you need to do a little more homework on the subject other than what you learn on the History Channel and the 6 O'clock News

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