Near Shankar Talkies, Kumardhubi, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 828203

What is your full birthday? Month/Day/Year, please.

December 22, 1962

How do you describe your "citizenship" status?

u.S. Citizen

Name of your local county.


What State do live on?


Who referred you? How did you find us?

Morton Thomson Jr through Linkedin.com

Why are you here? What is our highest priority today?

For enlightenment. My priority, Global unity to make this planet safe for all

What do you think we can do for you?

Help to strengthen the basis for for peace and solidarity

Please share with us your personal website if you have one.


What are your areas of interest, talent and/or occupation?

Bridge up the gaps between all cultures, norms and mores, without disgracing the faith of any humankind.

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Terrorism is the worse aspect of the intentions of those who are using religious teachings for worldly advantage and private interest. Instead of following religious teachings, they are internationally hiding their crimes against humanity in…
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This is one of the biggest questions of this current period that would provide a great opportunity to the world community to explore beyond their faith and belief following both religious and scientific insight to secure the morality and safety of…
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