Greenville, SC


May 11

What is your full birthday? Month/Day/Year, please.

May 11, 1990

How do you describe your "citizenship" status?

American state National

Name of your local county.


What State do live on?

South Carolina

Who referred you? How did you find us?

Why you never wanna hire an attorney

Why are you here? What is our highest priority today?

My kids were kidnapped and baby nearly murdered. Still keeping in attempt to minimize liability and max. profit

What do you think we can do for you?

not a clue. Soaking up everything. Ive served contract and default

What are your areas of interest, talent and/or occupation?

My kids, and vengence..

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James Abercrombie is now a member of Constitution Club - 2020 Vision 4 America
Mar 2, 2022