Chattanooga, TN


September 5

What is your full birthday? Month/Day/Year, please.

September 5, 1950

How do you describe your "citizenship" status?

American state National

Name of your local county.


What State do live on?


Phone number please. This information is kept private. We do not sell your information.


Who referred you? How did you find us?

NATF played video of Joe Banister

Why are you here? What is our highest priority today?

To take back our Republic that was hijacked during the Civil War.

What do you think we can do for you?

Share information on how to Reconstruct our Republic that was before the Civil War.

Please share with us your personal website if you have one.

What are your areas of interest, talent and/or occupation?

Sharing with others how they can take back their birthright and live under God's Law and Common Law.

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Tim Houghton is now a member of Constitution Club - 2020 Vision 4 America
Mar 4, 2022