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Charles W. Kraut, MBA

Candidate for President of the United States

Sunday, 5 January 2020

To whom it may concern,

It is with grave concern that I have watched the proceedings as a heavily partisan House of Representatives flouted all its own rules in cobbling together an impeachment proceeding that much more resembles a star chamber or a kangaroo court. None of the essential Constitutional protections have been afforded the accused, who happens to be a duly elected President of the United States. These proceedings have been more of a vendetta than a legal hearing.

In addition, the final vote to proceed with impeachment was purely partisan, which in and of itself, is unconstitutional. Moreover, it was based on no evidence at all. All of the “testimony” came from “witnesses” who were not witnesses, and who could only express opinions about things of which they had no firsthand knowledge. This is a travesty, and an act that will redound through the days and months to come as a nail in the coffin of our constitutional republic.

We have clear proof that the opinions of the witnesses were unfounded. Watching and other Progressive media outlets it was easy to see one conspiracy theory after another melt away. The cries of the Left became ever more strident as each bit of “evidence” was discredited and found to be fabricated.

Worse yet, this impeachment is being conducted by the guilty against the innocent.  The media may claim otherwise, but there is solid evidence that Joe Biden did exactly what Donald Trump is being accused of. We have watched the video where he boasted of his corruption in getting a prosecutor fired who was hot on Biden’s trail.

Finally, we hire our President to conduct our foreign policy. It is within his power to administer or withhold all types of foreign aid, whether humanitarian or military. There is a strong case to be made for corruption in Ukraine, corruption that could easily have led to US aid in both cash and hardware falling into the wrong hands. Such has been our experience in Kuwait, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Afghanistan, in Vietnam, and in dozens of places where our military hardware has been purloined and used by our enemies.

As for the theft of American cash and humanitarian aid, we can see countless examples going back more than a century of American aid that was improperly administered, [or even stolen by rival factions] and which led to the rise of dictators who oppressed their people.

It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that tax dollars be applied with great caution and discretion. Just because our House of Representatives and our media, along with many of our public schools and universities are controlled by the Progressives, does not make Progressivism right or just. That is one of the great Dangers of Democracy, and the reason why the United States is not now nor ever has been a [pure] democracy.

Democracy is mob rule, the rule of the majority, whose will can change moment to moment and who tend always to oppress the minority. The fact that most Americans believe that America is a democracy is one of the greatest triumphs of Progressivism. It seems as if our elected officials have never read their job description. If they did, they would realize that the term democracy is not found in any of our founding documents, and when it is found in the writings of the Founding Fathers, [pure democracy was] expressed only with contempt and disgust.

Progressivism, the philosophy of the Left, the Communists, the Socialists, and most of today’s Democrats, [are all] a cancer that destroys everything that is good and [noble]. Progressivism is control, absolute power over both the actions and the thoughts of those within its power. After a century of increasingly rapid movement toward Progressivism, the United States is now in Stage Four of this dreadful cancer. The fox (the “Deep State”) is in charge of the hen house, and millions are suffering under Progressive domination. Progressives have converted America from the world’s wealthiest nation to the greatest debtor nation in history.

Progressivism indoctrinates and propagandizes people through twisting the meaning of words and playing upon our emotions. Progressivism ignores truth; indeed, it flees from it. Progressivism denies the existence of God, thus eliminating the moral foundation of our Constitution. Progressivism says we are a collective, and strips us of our individuality and our initiative as it replaces our freedoms with the all-powerful welfare state.

Contrary to their claims, Progressives do not have the privilege of changing opinions and policies as we change clothing merely because they dislike a person in authority. Likewise, they do not have the authority to disregard their oath of office, for they have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution [of the united states of America].

This impeachment is a baseless and illegal act of civil disobedience. It proclaims that America is governed by corrupt and vicious people who bury the truth in pursuit of a dark and dangerous agenda that is designed to destroy everything that makes America great.

The end does not justify the means. All Americans need to be engaged in a search for truth. If we are without a moral compass – if we allow ourselves to abandon the natural rights that come from God in favor of human rights that come from Washington - our nation will fail.

I urge those in authority who have soiled themselves in promoting this unjust proceeding, to acknowledge their faults and either resign from public office, for which they have rendered themselves unfit, or abandon their vicious attacks and try to act as responsible citizens of our great Republic. In either event, [all of them] must be held accountable for the damage they have inflicted upon the greatest nation in human history.

The world is watching. If a full and fair trial is not held, the world will see America self-destruct and the last banner of freedom disappear from every nation.

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Comment by Fredrick Rehders on January 8, 2020 at 7:44pm

I agree with what Charles Kraut has written, however I disagree with his conclusion. I think the leftist Democrats have led their party to the brink of destruction, on the heels of  the Clintons and Obamas. The current shameful conduct will surely cost them dearly at the polls. The few adults remaining in that Party seem to be in lock step with the adolescent behaviors of the loud belligerent Leftist. They have shot themselves in both feet, in my humble opinion. I think a return to conservative principals are likely. Amending the Constitution, repealing the 16th & 17th, probably won't happen in my lifetime, but when the public becomes educated to how central banking and The Fraudulent Reserve are running a Ponzi Scheme and are THE PROBLEM, we may regain our Republic!

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