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In order for a crime to take place, the rights of an individual with flesh and bones must be violated. Only humans have rights which can be violated. Corporations only have privileges granted to them by the people through government regulation. Cities, counties, states and even our national governments are corporations; i.e, legal fictions.

In order for an individual to be convicted of a crime, the injured party must testify in court that the person accused performed an act which violated their life, liberty or property. To detain them, there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt, determined by a jury of peers.

Legal fictions do not have rights and as such, it is impossible for them to testify in court.A person accused of a crime can cross examine other human beings, but it's not possible to cross examine a legal fiction.

The Fifth Amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees that an individual accused of a crime has a right to cross examine the witnesses against them.The vast majority of those convicted of a crime have plea bargained out of it in order to avoid the possibility of being convicted of a serious crime. What is a plea bargain?

These people who took these plea bargains, took the advice of a public defender. The Bill of Rights mandates that a person accused of a crime must be found guilty by a jury of his peers. Most of the men and women in prison waived their right to a jury trial and plead guilty on the advice of counsel.

The members of a jury have the right of Jury Nullification which authorizes them to refuse to convict a defendant of breaking an unjust law. One jurist with a conscience can prevent the defendant from becoming a victim of an unjust law.

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