Constitution - Amend It or Defend It

The Constitution has failed to protect us,  because we have failed to defend it.  Due to the collective ignorance and apathy of the people we have allowed the men and women we have elected to serve us to amend the Constitution by ignoring it.

Powers not delegated to Congress are reserved to the states and to the people. As the size of government continues to grow we now being overtaxed and over regulated.

There are many patriots that want to call for an Article V Convention to amend amend the Constitution, but what we need to do is enforce the Constitution.

The process of identifying the violations of the Constitution is known as Republic Review. does ted by the people in the legislative districts. The opponents of an Article V Convention fear that the delegates to the convention would be appointed rather than elected.hey

Keith Broaders

1230 N Street Apt 510
Sacramento, California

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