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Comment by valerie anne eggers on June 16, 2019 at 8:41am

I don't think I could keep up with an actual blog. But I must say that spend a few hours watching interviews of Treblinka and Auschwitz survivors. They were fairly recent and on YouTube so far.

This was yesterday and I am still feeling the aftermath.  These interviews made me aware of just how insidiously the horror took over and instituted itself in Germany..  Propaganda was a major tool of the Nazi Party. They made all the Jews enemies of the state.

Unfortunately, I see that happening here to those who adhere to our Constitution and its guarantees to keep the government small and the PEOPLE where the power rests and the first consideration. Anyone who can see and think knows that is NOT what is being propagated today. 

The Jews lost their money, treasure, guns and lives  Their treatment was to say very least BRUTAL. To those who say "that could never happen here,"   WAKEUP.   It surely can and if we take the path of least resistance I fear It will. 

Power brokers with same mindset that infected Germany are alive and well and trying their very best to  infect  America.    I am a old lady, a great grandmother.  There people I will leave behind  are immeasurably precious to me. 

It's cliché but our freedom and liberty is not cheap. Anyone who has seen Arlington Natl. Cemetery and Normandy, among other such sights,  should know that.  It's staring ever American in their faces. If their brains are in gear they should be able to deduct  at least some of the cost. 

What is touted the "the resistance" today is, in my view offensive not defensive.  Infanticide, disarmament, censorship, thought crimes, and even violence is their M.O. What is ours?

If it weren't for Pres. Trump we would be much  closer to  the communities of the globalists agenda. (See Agenda 21.)  These globalists are not stupid. They have been manipulating us for  eons. Their agendas are not that far from coming to fruition in my view, certainly not as far as I'd like. 

It's not hatred of Pres. Trump that fuels the political chaos we live.  It's the fact that he is a major block and is in the way of that fruition. It's not simply the Dems that are trying to destroy him, but the WHOLE of the globalist community that is against him. . It is an international effort to take over this country and a long time dream of that same community.  They have never given up on that goal  And what an achievement that would be for them.  

Without the USA as we know her, there is no real freedom or worse no hope of freedom in the world.  The left is against both of those elements with as much determination as they demonstrate for the elimination of God.  And, for the same reasons.  Faith provides hope. They are trying to convince us that is no hope except for them and their "transformation," of this country.


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