One of the strategies of the ruling class is to divide the people into disparate groups that are easily identifiable. Groups like young and old, male and female, black and white, Jew and non-Jew. They will then be easily manipulated to fight among themselves instead of focusing on the real enemy.

President Obama is determined to create a total collapse of the United States in order to rebuild America into what he believes it should be. He’s trying to create the chaos of anarchy. Then, when the frustration of the people reaches a climax and they riot in the streets, he will declare martial law, suspend all elections under the Doctrine of Emergency and create a new government in the aftermath.

President Obama and the financial elite cannot defeat the people if we stand together. They are counting on us remaining divided so they can pursue their One World goals without opposition. If Obama is successful in his efforts to re-invent America he will need the people to continue fighting each other rather than stand united. He will also continue to need the cooperation of the bankers lurking in the shadows.

Since our founding documents are sound, there is no need to throw them in the dumpster. We need to dedicate ourselves to the restoration of the founding principles and resist sinking into a state of tyranny. Benjamin Franklin advised his fellow patriots that "We must hang together, or else you shall all hang separately." When the Jews were rounded up it was already too late to fight.

We need to get organized in our counties in order to restore the Constitutional authority of our states. We need to demand the restoration of the checks and balances provided for in the organic Constitution. We must hang together while we still can.

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Comment by David Elizalda on May 6, 2014 at 11:46pm

I agree this divisiveness is calculated and the fire is being fanned wherever possible. The atmosphere and illusion is being created for mass consumption that our differences are "as many as the stars" and ALL are IRRECONCILABLE. Dialogue becomes disorientating by design. According to these "designers" all are a part of some "collective" is the new terminology. There are no individuals. Each is a part of some "collective". One individual performs an "unforgivable act", it is not the thinking of that single individual that performed that deed. That act becomes REPRESENTATIVE of the sickness of the whole collective that individual is accused of belonging to. It becomes like the whole collective performed that act. This incites over reaction to promote some political agenda. This creates an atmosphere of no more discussion and facts don't matter. This encourages opportunism or "false-flags" wherever it can be found or fabricated.

 These "designers" broadcast in their "designer" news-media that we hate the government and that is what all this is about. (This concept is spreading in other countries like Ukraine and Venezuela. Such people are called "Protesters" vs. "Supporters" of government). However, we are called the Protestors. The truth is we love our form of government and the Constitution that was handed-down to us as a birthright by our Founding Fathers. It is not our form of government that is troubling for us. It is the individuals who pervert our Constitution. It is watching the Supreme Court unmoved as the separation of powers of the three branches of government are perverted. It is most of all painful to see our own countrymen not even realize their own Freedom and Liberties are slipping through their fingers and the rest of us as they accept false gratuities and believe in the FANTASY of a "benevolent government".

Comment by Wayne Bachmann on May 6, 2014 at 8:20am

Thanks Morton. This is a great post, and I think we have recently seen it here on this site, as well.

Comment by jessene r beecroft on March 11, 2014 at 2:32am

Yes  , so true . Do you know anyone around Aztec NM that might be a friend .And think like we do ?

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