we are witnessing the destruction of this great nation RIGHT NOW! We have been poisoned and are so weak in nature and stature that even China places nuclear subs off our coasts. They taste the land of honey. they see the paved roads of gold and silver. they smell the agriculture, the fine fruits andberries the clover asd the salty cool air from the coast.

This they feel is their destiny.
But what is it they are not being told?  Could it be that the Spider hides in its web waiting?
That the people are the entisement to its vicious nature? Food production is a 1/4 of its rate in the 1970's producing farms yielding corn (GMO) for use in gasoline. foods poisoned by Monsanto , and other corporations slobbering at their design to conquer a people now in decay.
Why have i written this piece you may ask  For in it are the tools to succeed.

We must grow our own food
We must have a trading system independent
we must as people design our own way.
we also must use nature of God to  overcome our weaknesses
We must produce from out hands the fruits of our labors.
to survive is to be self reliant Actually its simple. Aa a miner i produce metalswhich can be used for barter. Gold and silver are those metals. BUT!
silver right nowis close to the lowest it will be.
pre 1964 coins a bargain

gold coins are much cheaper than karatbars

. i wanted to  slam their purpose but i didnt because Keith is my friend. but now hes off Im off and running.

the silver i feel is he best buy. but im only one miner with lo position friends in the metals market. they have told me they want my gold and my platinum that soon it will be going up.              so you decide for your selves. remember food clothing and gold and silver. or notes backed by them.

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