Before the War for Southern Independence the United States consisted of 34 sovereign states. The Federal government was the servant of the states and the people possessed God given rights. As a result of the war the states lost their sovereignty and the people's rights became privileges granted to them by the government.

The war between the states was actually the war against the states. Lincoln's objective was not to free the slaves, it was destroy the sovereignty of the states and the 10th amendment.

Lincoln used the issue of slavery as a smoke screen to hide his true objectives. He did not save our Constitutional Republic, and he did not free the slaves, he turned all Americans into subjects to tyranny of an all powerful central government.

The Civil War was the second war for American independence, unfortunately he dismantled our Constitutional republic and replaced it with an oligarchy consisting of lawyers, bankers and politicians.

He was responsible for introducing the income tax and the forced those opposed to the war to take up arms to invade the south.

 Lincoln was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of American lives.  He suspended habeas corpus and became a military dictator when he declared martial law.  He turned the office of the Presidency from a good will ambassador into an all tyrant..

The federal government supported the institution of slavery. It could not have survived as long as it did it without the Federal government's support of Fugitive Slave Law . Congress could have repealed the Fugitive Slave Law or the Supreme Court could have ruled it unconstitutional, but neither took the action that could have prevented the Civil War.

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