If Congress authorized the U.S. Treasury to issue $1,000,000,000,000 (One trillion dollars) and then used the money to fix our roads, bridges,dams levees, they could move money into circulation without having to borrow a single dime.

We could issue the money to fund the education of college students and eliminate most of the borrowing that is currently being used to fund their college education.

The money could be used to house the homeless and/or feed the hungry, help people pay off their mortgages, car loans and their credit card debt.

Can you image how many jobs would be created? If Congress issued our money instead of borrowing it from the Federal Reserve we would be able to escape the tyranny of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the international bankers.

If Congress were to issue too much money we would experience hyperinflation, but if the money is issued in proportion to Gross National Product we would be able to avoid inflation and have a stable economy. It is the amount of money in circulation that is the biggest factor in a stable monetary system.

Virtually every dollar collected in taxes ($3,000,000,000,000) last year went to pay the interest of the National Debt. If Congress issued and regulated the supply and value of our money the tyranny of the bankers would come to a screeching halt. By eliminating the necessity to borrow money we would eliminate the need to pay an income tax.

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