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You have probably been taught in government schools that it is the job of the Supreme Court to determine what is and what is not Constitutional. Most likely you were also taught that the Justices are appointed for life.

Both of these presumption are false. The authority to interpret the Constitution was not delegated to the Supreme Court in Article III. The doctrine of Judicial Review was invented by Chief Justice John Marshall as the result of The Case of Marbury v Madison in 1803

While Judicial Review was a power not granted , but Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists at that time felt is was an implied power and was both
necessary and proper
. The members of the
Federalist Party
wanted to give more power and authority Judicial branch of government. 

Article III
states that judges on the Supreme Court will serve during periods of good behavior, but in the 230 year history of the court no justice has ever been dismissed for bad behavior,

Just what is bad behavior? When a justices fails to preserve, protect and defend  the Constitution, he or  she is behaving rather badly 

If in the opinion of the  President Congress  has misinterpret the Constitution it is his duty to veto the bill. If two thirds of the members of both houses disagree with the President, they can over-ride his veto,

We the people have elected men and women to represent us in Congress and it is  their  responsibility to determine that all legislation propose  is Constitutional, No bill should ever be presented to President that has not been deemed Constitutional  by both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The rulings of the Supreme Court are considered to be opinions and not laws.

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