Political power held in the hands of those who would use it to gain personally at the expense of their constituents are agents of political parties and the labor unions and special interest groups that prop them up. 

The men and women we have elected to serve us have been tempted by the financial elite sell their services to political parties, labor unions and special interest groups in exchange for wealth, power and prestige.

The political power that was supposed to wrest in the hands of the people has been stolen by criminals in high places who only masquerade as our servants. The political con artists take their marching orders from those who fund their elections.

The only way that we the people can regain control of the political process in the state of California and the nation is to the take the political power away from those who are using it to exploit us. Men and women elected to state and national legislative bodies can not possibly serve us if they controlled by political parties.  As long as political parties continue to control politics we will continue being ruled by those in positions of power.

We need to expose democracy for the evil that it is. In a democracy the will of the majority is given the authority to dominate and exploit the minority. If individuals have rights, the government has no moral or lawful authority to violate the rights of the people even it is for the greater good of the greater number. The notion that we give up our rights to satisfy the will of the majority was rejected by our founding fathers.

Our Constitutional established a bicameral legislature where both the people and the states would be represented. This provided a check and a balance to prevent the tyranny of the majority. In 1913 the Republic was irreputeably harmed when states lost their voice in the senate.

This decision promoted the principles of democracy and opened the door for tyranny of the majority.. As a result of the ratification of the 17th Amendment the Senate became and second version of the House of Representatives.

The representative of the states who wrote the Constitution were banished from the Senate and our republic was converted in to a democracy. In order to restore the republic we must repeal the 17th Amendment.

In the State of California the counties who were once represented have also lost their voice and their vote and the reconstituted state senate has made it possible for the majority in the south to completely dominate those in the north.

In 1965 this victory for democracy made it possible tor political parties, labor unions and special  interest groups to buy the votes of the majority in order to achieve their political objectives. Chief Justice Earl Warren's opinion in Reynolds v Sims promoted the idea of "One Man, One Vote". He indicated that it was unconstitutional for the states to allow counties to be represented in the legislature. At the same time he did not believe it was unconstitutional for the states to have a voice in Congress.

Earl Warren's hidden agenda was to provide the majority.

The Danger of a Democracy

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