Candidates are like puppets on a string. The financial elite pay big money to get their candidates elected and then sit back and pull the strings to control their puppets.

We elect them, but it is the Wall Street bankers and corporations who  pull their strings.

Congress has become a gigantic crime syndicate where the agents of the bankers and the Wall Street corporations who masquerade as our servants while redistributing our wealth in to the pockets of the their political friends and allies.

The most successful Congressmen or should I say criminals, will say one thing to get elected and then do what their benefactors command them to do in the future. 

The laws to proposed are written corrupt lobbyists and lawyers and the Congressional Representatives only function is to vote in favor of all legislation that benefits those who are pulling their strings.

If you want to know when a Congressman is lying all you need to do is check and see if his or her lips are moving.

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