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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Posted by Morton IX

In my studied opinion, it is way past time to “Go Galt”. Here are some of the things we can do.

Pull your kids out of public school and stop watching that idiot box. Close all of your bank accounts. Pay off every loan you can. STOP filing tax forms and “voluntarily” giving away the farm. Stop allowing your “Employer” to tell you what forms to sign and file concerning YOUR government interactions. Immediately file a W-8-BEN.

Stop “voluntarily” paying income taxes. Immediately get rid of and stop using your SSN. It is a trap.

Refuse ALL government money, help, programs and insurance. It’s a trap.

Stand on your own two feet with your own money. Get rid of your “Driver’s License”. It’s a trap.

Insist that the state give you a state ID without a need for an SSN. “There is no law” that says you must. If you’re an “Employer”, stop being a “voluntary” government worker. Stop withholding money from your “Employees”. They can sue you to get it back and the IRS will not defend you.

And most of all stop believing there’s nothing you can do about bad government. There is plenty you can do. You can stop these goofball radicals dead in their tracks. It’s time to "Go Galt."

Use the curriculum on the to educate yourself and your family.

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