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Practically everyone is complaining, but without taking action, nothing is going to change. I think that just about everybody is concerned about the abuse of power in our state and national governments.

The people need to come together and send a loud and clear message to our Congressmen and women that their careers are over if they fail to listen to the voice of the people.

When a Federal agency issues a new rule or regulation we need to collectively refuse to comply. We are subject to the laws of our cities, counties and state, but are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal government.

Federal Laws are really only suggestions and do not apply unless you are a government employee or you live in the District of Columbia.

If a sufficient number of Americans refuse to play ball with the corrupt politicians we can start electing true statesmen and women.

If you are a register Republican or Democrat, I challenge you to re-register as politically independent. Can you image what would happen if all of the members of the Republican and Democratic Party deserted the sinking ships? 

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