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California keeps doing what it has been doing for generations and things just keep getting worse. Perhaps the time has come for us to make some fundamental changes in the way we do business.

In 1965 the state legislature voted to change the method of choosing state senators.  As a result of the Reynolds v Sims ruling in the Supreme Court , the state decided to apportion state senators based on population rather than county boundaries.

Prior to this change the urban counties controlled the state assembly and the rural counties controlled the senate. By stripping the counties of their representation, the urban counties now controlled both houses and has made it possible for tyranny of the majority to take root in California.

Restoring representation to the counties will make it much more difficult to spend money and raise taxes because both houses would need to agree.

By having a senator in each county we would no longer need gerrymandered senatorial districts.

I believe that the Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors should be chosen as the County's Senator. 

This would greatly diminish the power of the political parties to control politics at the county level. If we keep doing what we have been doing we will continue getting what we have been getting. If we stay on our current course, who will benefit?

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