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George Washington was correct when he compared government with a forest fire. The larger the fire becomes the harder it is to control. Our government is out of control and is destroying rather than protecting our lives, liberty and property of the people

.Our government was created to be the guardian of our liberty , but become the greatest threat to liberty and prosperity. Like the trees in forest fire we are the ones getting burned.

Our servant has become our master and we are no longer sovereign In order to keep a fire under control it needs to be consistently monitored. If we are not vigilant the government can destroy the liberty it was created to protect.

 Remember a fire can cook your toast or burn your ass! If the people do not control their government, their government control them. Today our government is like a forest fire that is out of control and is threatening everything in its path..

In order to avoid getting burned we need to take the matches away from our Congressmen and women . The government derives its power from the consent of the governed and we can end the insanity by holding our elected officials accountable.

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We simply can not allow Congress to spend money we don't have to purchase things we don't need and can't afford. 

The Constitution authorizes the Federal government to spend money to pay its debts, provide for the common defense and to promote the general welfare.When Congress allocates money for anything else they have violated Constitution and need to be held accountable.

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