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In 1913, Woodrow Wilson laid the foundation for the tyranny we are experiencing America today. He revealed his political agenda when he stated that he wanted to make the world "safe of democracy."

With Wilson's support and the treasonous actions of a handful of Senators, the Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutionally passed on Dec. 23rd, 1913. This unlawfully shifted the delegated powers of Article I, Section 8, Clause 5; "To coin Money" and "regulate the Value thereof", to a privately owned banking corporation. This Act was unconstitutional from its inception.

Another treasonous act was the fraudulent ratification of the
16th Amendment
 on Feb. 3rd, 1913.

This made extortion legal by imposing an unconstitutional form of taxation. Check out The Law that Never Was by Bill Benson

The final nail in our coffin was hammered home with the passage of the  17th Amendment on Mar 13th, 1913

As a result of the passing of the 17th Amendment, the state legislatures lost the authority to choose their own senators. And to fire them for bad behavior too.

This action helped to destroy our republican form of government in favor of a democracy where the 51% tell the 49% what to do.

Of all of the Presidents in the history of America, none have done more to convert our Constitutional Republic into a democracy. Thanks to Woodrow Wilson and a Congress controlled by the financial elite, our nation is on the verge of self destruction.

Learn how Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson:

Destroyed The Constitution!

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