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The Real Cause of the American Revolution

The Currency Act of 1764 was the primary cause of the American Revolution. Before King George and the British Parlimaent passed the Currency Act the colonies were prospering, but when they were forced to pay for all goods imported from England with gold and silver they were forced to borrow from the London bankers in order to pay for the everything they imported from England.

The reason that during the Revolutionary War the Colonial currency became worthless was because so much counterfeit currency printed by the London Bankers the currency became virtually worthless.

The Constitution granted to Congress the authority to issue our money and the responsibility to regulate  its value. In order to prevent inflation it is necessary to issue an amount of money equal to the Gross National Product. Printing too much money creates inflation and devalues the dollars in circulation..

The punishnment for counterfeiting and/or debasing the currency was the death penalty.

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Comment by Jim Delaney on November 6, 2017 at 11:57am

Very informative. Thanks, Keith. Of course, the years of Americans' being self-governing and self-reliance was, to me, the foundational cause. The Currency Act merely accelerated our headlong plunge toward the inevitable. 

Comment by Online Professor on November 6, 2017 at 7:57am

In 1764 the Currency Act forced the Colonies to participate in a monetary system that required the colonies to use only gold and silver to pay their debts. Since at that time the colonies had very little gold and silver they were forced to borrow the money to pay their debts.

This provided the London bankers with the opportunity to charge interested and caused tje colonists to become debt slaves to the London bankers.

In this system of debt based money, whoever owns and controls the gold, controls all of the people who are forced to use it. The banker's Golden Rule is he who has the gold makes the rules.

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