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There was once a time when police officers were peace officers, but unfortunately they are now revenue officers whose main job is to write citations and generate  money for the city.

Unlike the county Sheriffs, who are elected by the people to serve them, the police are employees of your city council. They enforce, the rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and statutes, but completely ignore the Constitution.

he their job is to issue citations in order to fill the city coffers with money that under the color of law they can extort from people who have harmed no one.

The best way to fight crime is to swiftly punish individuals who violate the lives, liberty or property of others. The enforcement of rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and statutes is significantly more profitable than enforcing the Constitution.

Many in the law enforcement community who wear a badge and carry a gun think the laws that apply to you and I do not apply to them.

The proper role of law enforcement officer is not to arrest and harass people for violating the rules, it is to defend the Constitution and protect the God given rights of the people.

For a crime to take place there needs to be victim who is willing to testify in court that he or she has been harmed by the person accused of the crime. If there is no victim, there is no crime and only those with blood running through their veins can be a victim. A city, county, state or nation is a legal fiction and can not testify in court as a victim.

The vast majority of people who are incarcerated in our jails and prisons have cothe result of the court appointed public defenders who convince their clients to plead guilty to crimes they didn't. Trusting a public defender is like asking Jack the Ripper to supervise a girl's dormitory.

mmitted no pcrime. Most have pleaded guilty to a crime they didn't commit in order to avoid the ossibility of being convicted of a more serious crime.

This is 

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Comment by Rhode Island Jim on December 27, 2017 at 5:45pm


Here is a free downloaded (by me) book by Thoma Eliot called "Common Law Remedy to Beat Traffic Tickets" - "Putting the Law On Your Side"  Being free, you normally would not expect it to be worth much.  This book absolutely shatters that presupposition.  With this book, plus the 2 companion books (costing $64 for downloading the pair) (They still will need to be printed and put each book into its own 3-ring binder and I used 8.5" X 11" clear plastic page protectors, putting 2 pages back to back) available on Thomas's website, I beat the "justice court - court of record" (it takes more than a name to be a court of record) court system here in Montana after being stopped in March, for a victimless crime without even probable cause and fined (issued 4 citations) for a total fine of $625.00.  I will finish this dissertation up tomorrow.

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