Hi Keith,

It was a pleasure speaking with you about your website. I truly believe in your cause personally. Here at Website Depot we strive to help individuals get their online presence more exposure through SEO (search engine optimization). We manage all aspects of your website to boost traffic organically. I have a

Like I mentioned earlier without SEO you will not attract anyone to your site that doesn't already know about it. With keywords like "2nd amendment" or "Bill of rights" and so forth.

I understand your budget is low. We have a sister company that offers cheaper SEO packages within your budget. Like $300/mo. which includes up to 10 keywords that target your audience every month.
Attached is my mobile number. If you have any questions or concerns feel free call me or respond to this email.


Brian Pourroy
Sales Assistant
Websites Depot Inc.
M: (424) 558-0584
O: (323) 912-1125
In order upgrade the website we are going to need $300 a month in donations and if we can get 30 individuals willing to donate $10 per month or 20 members to donate $15 per month we will be able to make significant improvements.

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