The Fox in The Hen House


"This is NOT SO COOL, when one understands that BAR attorneys are in charge of the Commissions on Judicial Discipline, and that with all the cases against corrupt judges, only less than 1/4 of 1% of these "judges" have been dealt with lawfully, and not one has been sentenced to life in prison, or given the death penalty for treason and other crimes against humanity." - Steve Curry

If you want to know how to get a message to the right person, this might be the right place to go, to find at least one guy you can contact and give a piece of your mind to.

I also believe that your Sheriff should be informed of wrongdoing, as he is the Chief law enforcement officer in your county. If you have a Sheriff who should not be trusted, then this it's probably not what you should do. However, I intend to let my Sheriff know about this and other problems in his county, because I want him on my side, he is the TEA Party
candidate and he wants to be reelected.

This is the kind of Sheriff you want to notify of what you believe to be wrong in his county and what HIS responsibility is in your eyes to fix it or at least be aware that he fix it or lose your support. This Sheriff will listen. Send Westmoreland County Sheriff a message of support if you wish.

It's up to you to make sure that actually means something to him. He must believe that you wield enough influence* and knowledge to be the kind of person you don't want on his/her bad side. He also must know that you are serious and can be of great assistance to him/her in their reelection effort. As a member of the proper committee you can help.

* - i.e. Become a member in good standing and volunteerism in his county, and make sure he knows about it. You can run for City Council or be a member of his Party. You can distribute his fliers in your neighborhood. You can at least offer to. Let him know you have time to help him do his job and get reelected so he can keep that job. See what happens.

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