Mission Statement

Constitution Club

"Come for the Education, Stay for the Fight!"

The Constitution Club is a store house of information on the Constitution and the rule of law, with thousands of articles and supporting videos, designed to bring knowledge to the people of the united States of America.

We believe we have an Oligarchy instead of a Republic, an aristocracy instead of equal rights and a de facto government in the form of a corporation in power today. We are dedicated to reversing the rapid decline of our Republic and restoring constitutional restrictions on our federal and "state of" pseudo-leaders, now masquerading as a legitimate governmental body.

Our goal at The Constitution Club is to restore the rule of law in America and a return to a truly representative Republic by enforcing the restrictions of Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, of the Constitution to whit:

"The number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty thousand,.."

as well as restoring the original 13th Amendment, (the titles of nobility amendment). In addition, we are committed to being THE definitive source for educating America on the principles of liberty and the Constitution. Therefore we further believe the following:

We believe The People have had enough of the B.S. as a nation and that a new way and maybe even a new Party is due. In order to do away with the old way however, we must create a new one. There is no need for demonstration, Redress, or violent revolution. All we need to do is ignore what "they" are doing and get busy building a whole new "Nation" based in true freedom and sovereignty over our money and security and freedom for our core family unit that drives this nation. When ALL of what you see in front of you is so OBVIOUSLY WRONG; you have reached the point of no return, no matter what happens next. It is up to US to begin a new way that works for ALL phases of reality and everyday life for everyday people. Those everyday people are you and I. They are us. We are the best hope for America. Welcome to The Revolution!

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