Another Note to my Rep

Eric Nelson

Pennsylvania - 57th Legislative District


This is all we can come up with to do? How about a list for you.

Immediate call for a Forensic Audit!

Redraw the House maps to comply with 1/30,000!

Issue writs of Election to fill these vacancies! (407 seats)

End the Electoral practice of "Winner take all". It is not in the Lexicon of American Jurisprudence.

Outlaw CRT and Common Core in our schools! They are Marxist.

Immediately stop ALL 10 Rules of The Communist Manifesto in America. Especially the progressive taxation on "incomes".

Immediately repeal ALL gun laws which violate Article 21, Pennsylvania Constitution!

Immediately issue Writs of Habeus Corpus for the Jan. 6th protestors currently being persecuted for standing up for their lawful right to peaceably assemble and Redress their government.

Open ALL business. Period! No restrictions! Especially in public access buildings.

Stop outlawing Constitutional Carry! NOW!

Any more subjects you would like for the suggestion box Eric? Are we done yet or should we go ahead and include Oath of Office? It's high time we held our government accountable; not only to the rule of law, but to all other aspects of their Oath.

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  • And while we're at it, let's not forget the words of the Second Amendment - "A well Regulated Militia being necessary to the Security of a Free State,.." - I would ask the question; "If a well regulated militia is necessay, then what exactly is the requirement in law for each State to create and maintain "A well Regulated Militia"?

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