The Second Amendment


"Section 1 - A Well Regulated Militia being necessary to the Freedom and security of any Republic, given the desire to secure that Republic against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic, the right of the States and the people of these States to form, regulate, equip, uniform and train that Militia and supply that militia with guns, munitions and ammunition, shall not be questioned or infringed in ANY way whatsoever; EVER! 

Section 2 - The right of  ALL of the People to keep, carry, sell, trade, donate, or give away arms shall be unassailable and NO LAWS shall be made to infringe upon or hinder in ANY WAY, this right and thus only the Militia shall have the power to decide who may be armed.
Section 3 - The Federal government is hereby forbidden from removing or altering this right or creating ANY Laws infringing this right; EVEN in declared Emergencies."
Because a Well regulated Militia is necessary to secure the blessings of Liberty, Sovereignty and Freedom, to the States and the People respectively, the Inalienable, immutable, unquestionable and Natural Right of the People to keep, trade, carry, sell, give away, or otherwise possess and use, ANY weapons or firearms, Shall not be infringed or have Laws made in pursuit of control over this right.
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