Each state has a right to be equally represented in House of Representatives.  Each state is entitled to have not more than and not less than one representative for every thirty-thousand inhabitants.

Today the states are not being equally represented. Wyoming, for example has one representative for a population of 576,000 and the people in Florida have one representative for every 876,000. In other words there are an average of 300,000 people in the Congressional Districts in Florida are not being counted for the purpose of apportinnment in the House of Representatives. 

There was a time in our nation's history when only three-fifths of a certain group of people were counted for the purpose of apportionment in the House of Representatives.

Today, in Florida there are 800,000 people of all races, creeds and colors that are not be counted. If the people of Wyoming and Florida were equally represented, Florida would have 37 representatives instead of only 27.

The number of representatives in the House was fixed at 435 because a larger number of representatives could not be housed in the space provided. Fixing the number of seats in Congress based on the size of the building is not a form of proportional representation.

In order to have equal representation in the House all Congressional Districts must be the same size.

If  Florida had the number of representative proposed by our founding fathers, Florida would have 720 representatives instead of only 27. The power of government would be returned to the people instead of Wall Street bankers and corporations.

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  • I would love to see this happen. Imagine real representation.  However, I think in order to have congress even discuss such a radical idea,( for them )  we First need to push and pass The One Subject at a Time act. If all those misguided individuals who are currently pushing for the Con Con would instead make the same amount of noise for The One Subject at a Time Act we might be able to get it out of the Democrat Controlled committee.

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