Taking Responsibility



Rather than teaching us how to be free and independent, we have been taught that it is the responsibility of the government to take care of us. In order to be truly free, we must take personal responsibility to take care of ourselves. 

According to the Laws of Nature, we can only harvest from the seeds we have sown. We have been taught that harvesting the fruits of another man's labor is a form of government sponsored charity.

In order for the government to give to those in need, it must first take from those who have to give to those who have not. The redistribution of wealth is a scheme to pick the pockets of the productive members of society to provide for the less productive.

Giving a man a fish will feed him for a day, but teaching a  man how to fish will feed him for a lifetime. 

Individuals that never learn how to provide for themselves are destined to become dependent on others. I am sorry to day that I am one of the many who has become dependent on the government for assistance. 

In order to receive benefits from the government, I  must compel complete strangers to provide for my food and shelter. I regret that due to my irresponsibility I have become a burden of society. 

It is my goal in the time I have remaining to teach others that individual liberty and debt are incompatible. The vast majority of Americans have become debt slaves due to a fraudulent monetary system run by the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

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