Keith ive still keeping tabs on you and i feel your ready for the next step. Now this is not going to be easy to undesatnd until you do understand that 1. we have 2 national systems as evidence by Downs VS Bidwell 1901.. 1 being administrative the other Civil. The lands issues in theWestern States points this out. For in the States we have Constitutional law but in the territories we are under the Judicial system of the territoris and If you read the NorthWest Ordinanceof 1787 youl find its authority pre dates the Constitution as the Constitution  was brought into  being in 1789 and so the Lands program extra constitutional. Since 3/4 of the US was established under the lands program and the Northwest ordinance is Congresses lone legislative act to dispose of its property, the ellements of the North West Ordinance that were not altered by the Constitution are still in effect, as evidenced by article 4 of the Nortwest Ordinance.  Now I have for you a site you can gather these truths run by my Son of mine and one other.   The western lands series introduction ( Thank you for your time my friend. in closing this studied well is a mind blower.

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